My Gratitude

Hello all and Happy Friday!

I was hopping through the campaigners and it occured to me that many are selling, promoting, and building their numbers. I don't have a darn thing to offer except my friendship.  Maybe it's just that life moves so fast, and I see Blogger in a different light. To me it's become an opportunity to meet like-minded people, writers that have set out on my same journey. I hate to rush it, strive for the numbers and not stop to get a feel for and get to know all of you as individuals. It seems a shame otherwise, but that's just me.
So in my own mushy way I'd like to take this moment to recongnize a few of my oldest blogger friends who were with me from the beginning, and others who have touched my heart in one way or another. Don't worry, I'll try to keep it brief. (Swampland anybody?)
Cheryl over at Kangaroos in the Scrubby Bush  (tells a tale of cute kangaroos) and Lisa at Lisa L Regan (awesome thriller writer) gave me this award.  Thank you so much ladies.  Sorry it's taken me so long to pass this on.

And Cheryl (fellow Fantasy writer) over at
http://offwithefairies.blogspot.com/ also stuck me...er...gifted me with this one.I'm going to cheat like a wayward spouse and combine these all in the sake of hating long blogs.  (There's no way I'm going through all this copy and paste again.)

Most Beautiful :
Finnegan the Squirrel  Captures the essence of nature. And he's a cute little booger.

Most Controversial :
Free Sex Advice It was supposed to be advice on how to write sex scenes without being too explicit.  It was inspired by the lovely Donna Weaver from Weavin a Tale or Two, and was also the time I thought I had scared Alex at Alex J Cavanaugh away for good.  Thank you Donna.  And Alex, I'm glad you came back.  I'd miss you. You are both way cool.

Most Popular :
Happy Birthday to Me.  74 birthday wishes and counting made my day extra special. 

Most Helpful :
Genre Map  It's a clicky thingy that helps you determine your genre.  (I hope the darn thing still works.)

Most Surprisingly successful :
Being Present  All about spending time with your loved ones and giving yourself a break from the social media.  With so many Blogger addicts here (myself included) I thought it would bomb.  I appreciate your attention to this blog. 

Most Underrated :
Panty Meme  Smutty as all hell, I admit it.  I had fun with it.  And plenty of you stopped by (fellow closet freaks).  And it made it's way around like wild fire.  Even L.G. over at Barbs and Prophets played and Carrie at So You're a Writer.  Mike, I appreciated your participation the most.  (Spidey)  Protect the Risen

Most Prideworthy : Ginger (Crime Fiction)  It didn't get tons of hits, but I found it very special.  It was also the first day Rusty at Blutonian Death Egg stopped by my blog and tipped his hat to me.  (Very cute comment.) I also appreciated seeing Lisa, above and Nancy at Nancy Thompson.

I'd like to pass on this award to all those mentioned above as well as to Eve at
The Desert Rock and Bryce over at The Preservation Society eventhough he's AWOL.  A lot of these people were with me when I had no one to come and comment.  They stopped by to say hi.  And they cared.

I've met so many wonderful individuals since then like Botanist at
Views from the Bald Patch, Roland at  Writing in the Crossairs, Joylene at   Joylene Nowell Butler , Isis at  Isis Rushdan, PK at Pk Hrezo, Julie at  Gypsy in my Soul ...I could go on and on.  I am proud to call you my blogger buds.  These awards go to each and everyone of you.  You don't have to do a darn thing...just pay the three ladies up top a visit and say hi.

Now, ten random facts about me and I will make them brief.

1. My middle name is Angelica. (Bet you had no clue.)

2. Most kids have a comfort toy.  Mine was a long-haired blonde doll.  I tore out her eyes and dragged her around by her hair. (Till this day I never had kids of my own.)
3. I had a baby chick once.  Years later my mother told me I ate it in soup.  (Scarred me for life)
4. I wear white socks with everything, unless I'm dressed up of course.  I also carry a black purse. (Both go great with hot pink) 
5. I'm a morning person, pisses people off, but they remark they miss me when I'm gone.
6. I like the dark.  I will shut windows, turn off lights, tv, the works.  (My inner vampire at work.)
7. I don't believe in buying $300.00 shoes.  There's starving people out there.

8. I've seen my share of ghosts ever since I was three.  (Scoff if you must.)
9. I can't stand parties...not when there's so much more I'd rather be doing. (However, after a glass of wine I'm good to go and can BS with the best of them.)
10. I secretly dream of being beamed out into a cool spaceship by sexy aliens.  (Oh, wait, that's no secret.)

There you have it.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to getting to know all my new followers.  Happy blogging.