I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled program to ask bloggers a question.

If any of you remember this, I'm an active member of the Fun Committee here at work.  I need some ideas on what to do with these people to make them have fun.  I'm speaking of individuals who are constantly glued to a PC monitor and want to get away.  So, any suggestions...other than liquor? 

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

In other to fashion a perfect world we have to entice the senses. So often we focus on what we can see, but how radiant exactly are the colors?

They say pictures are worth a thousand words.

Observe below, a world out of my dreams.

Best costume ever.

What can you tell me about this picture?  Use your senses.

Pretend this is your main character.
Put yourself inside your character's mind.

What does this scenery look like to you?

What feelings does it conjure up?

Does it remind you of anything from your past?

What does the air smell like?

What does the water taste like?

Are you touching anything?

What effect does any of this have on your own skin?

This is an exercise I try to remind myself to follow when I'm writing.  Just thought I'd share it today.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! :)