The fabulous Alex Cavanaugh at Alex J Cavanaugh has given me this awesome award for constantly leaving comments on his blog. (Translation: Lurking at his blog at the crack of dawn) Alex is normally the first blog I visit each morning. His friendly, easygoing, movie-savvy guru attitude has me hooked...or it could just be his cool name. He's a genuinely nice guy. Did I use enough adverbs? Take that editors! Thanks again, Alex. I really appreciate it. You deserve this more than anyone for your dedicated blog-hopping.
Yes, I know it's been a week.  I should have passed it on long ago, but I had to admire the award, polish it, stick it under my pillow for a bit.
The way I see it I'm supposed to pass it on to someone who leaves repeated comments on my blog.  There are many of you who do that, and I appreciate you all.  So I decided to add a twist to this.  I'm going to pass on the award to someone I haven't awarded before, who not only comments, but leaves me some creative and hilarious comments.  And that person is...
Julie at Gypsy in My Soul.

This lovely, imaginative lady's humor cracks me up. I've found myself cackling on more than one occasion at her expert parries and wity comebacks. At times I feel like if I'm glancing in a mirror...except she's blonde. As an added bonus, she lives in Nebraska, real close to me. Beware, chances are we will run into each other one day.

After posting the panty meme I was Liebsterized twice again by Travis Mckensie at Magickless and Julie at the link listed above. It's safe to say I've been Liebstered up the butt. Thank you guys. You are the greatest and I do appreciate you.

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And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun!

Now, I'm passing these on to a few Newbies to my site to make them feel welcome.  These guys are:

Ruth at Welcome to Me
Doralyn at My Publishing Diary
Now you guys go out there, meet them, and spread the love.

I went to a graveyard called Borders this weekend and couldn't buy a darn thing because it was too depressing, so I watched these movies instead.  Thought I would share.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Poster Kid's big brother picks on him, and it is funnier than hell, really.  This is usually not my type of movie. 

The Resident Poster Woman moves into an apartment.  The owner turns out to be a peeping tom pervert.  He gets his at the end but it gets hairy.

Also, Blogger has been giving me trouble.  I hope this posts like it's supposed too.

That'd be all for today. Enjoy your Wednesday everyone. Funny how I'm not posting on Tuesday and Thursday but it seems like I'm cramming it all in on Wednesday. Huh. ...^-^....