I've read countless posts lately on the importance of social media and writing. Therefore, I have no desire to add my two cents. Instead, I'm going to send out a call to life. We were all blessed with a physical body and stuck in a relative realm loaded with illusions.

Explanation of relative realm for those not science savvy and in light of upcoming Trekkie fest. (There's no up without a down, no left without a right, short without a tall...I hope you get the picture. We need the opposite of everything for life to function in our realm.)

Here we place emphasis on work, goals, success....always about what we're doing. It's what society teaches us. We're expected to act like machines. And in doing that, we forget to be human, to be trully present in life. If we're not careful, we as writers, will miss out on the most interesting part of the story.


When was the last time you were so focused on what you were doing that you overlooked this?....

Best Art of Nature

love of your family

kiss lasting for more than five seconds...or minutes.  ;)

That's right.  It's a horny toad.


                    This weekend I'm inviting you to enjoy yourself.

                                     Celebrate those you love.

                                            Eat fun foods.


                          Don't lose sight of what really matters.

                           Shine your brilliance onto the very sun.

                               Have a great weekend everyone!

                    See you all on Monday for spectacular Star Trek Fest.
                    And remember, resistance is futile.




  1. You must have read my mind, I had already dedicated this weekend to my family. I'll do my best to take some pics and post about our adventures. Hope you and yours have a great weekend too.

  2. Awesome post! Hey, was there any pun intended with "climax" :)?

    Last year I was absorbed with working and writing and neglected my husband and my dogs, then I had to do a military mobilization away from my family. When I got back in Jan, I decided to change my life. Now I have so much more balance. My family, spending time with them, and enjoying my life to the fullest every day is the priority. If that isn't happening, then the rest doesn't matter.

  3. Great post! I've been more in the now of life since my son was born. It helps that he will accept nothing less! It's worth every second.

  4. I was at first attracted to CLIMAX (in those big letters), but then I read an extremely well-written post (not EVERYthing has to be about porn, after all).
    I'm going to look for my "relative realm" opposite.
    I wonder if I can find a young, tall, good looking guy (ooh, that sounds kinda gay...you know what I mean) with a huge p....ersonality.
    By the way, I really like how your mind works.

  5. Great post, Laila! This illustrates what we all love about you. One classy, down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is person with a big heart.

    I'm dying to know, though. What is that first picture?

  6. Who can resist cute animal pictures? LOVE that one of the otters. I don't generally squee, but I did looking at that picture.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Thank you for the reminder, Laila! And kiss lasting more than five minutes? Yesterday!

  8. Hi Laila-- Thanks for the follow. I really enjoy your blog. Your posts rings true. We really need to enjoy the things that we most take for granted. I'm following you now.

  9. Thanks for the Star Trek reminder! And have a great weekend yourself! Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  10. Laila, your post has inspired me, and given a very nice structure to my upcoming weekend.

    Thank you.

  11. That is exactly how life should be. We should never forget what is really important in life.

  12. Neil Gaiman once read a new writer's work and thought "What wonderful use of the language, but where is the heart?" He told the writer to go out and live : get a job, suffer the pangs of a broken heart, learn truths worth putting into prose.

    In essence, to write well, we must first live even better, deeper, and truer. Have a fine weekend, Roland

  13. Okay, now I'm all squishy inside.

  14. Def don't want to neglect the important things in life. Social media has great advantages, but like everything else is best used in moderation:)

  15. Eureka!..my pics posted!

    @Mike. You are up early. Great minds think alike. Enjoy your family and weekend too. :)

    @Isis. Awesome that you changed your life around. At the end all we have is the love we share. How clever of you to notice my climax. It wasn't a pun until I saw it on the screen...then I went with it. :)

    @Christine. Believe it or not, dogs are just like babies. They keep me grounded. :)

    @Al. LOL. That sounded totally gay, but I'm extremely open-minded. Just go with it. :)

    @Brycearoony. Thanks. Stop or I'll have to flip my shirt over my head so people can't see me blush. The picture is called a "Rainbow Ocean"...not sure where it came from but very pretty.

    @LG. The otter was my favorite too. I just want to kiss it so hard I suck out it's face...sorry, that's what I say to my dogs. :)

    @Alex. You go with your bad self and those five minute kisses...wife must be proud. How do you ever find time? :)

    @MsMariah. Hey to you too. Thanks for following. Hopefully, you won't be shocked the next time I post something naughty on here. I'm due. :)

    @Nancybelle. I knew you would love that kiss you little corner smoocher. I hope you're having fun on your trip. I'll bet no one else in Seattle has a great tan. :)

    @Stephen. No prob. Always nice to meet a fellow Trekkie. :)

    @Suze. That's what I'm here for. So you're going to pig out, sleep, hug, squeeze, kiss, enjoy hot erotic encounter...oops, sorry that was my ideal structure for the weekend. Have a good one. :)

    @Ruth. I am so glad you agree. So often we lose sight of what really matters. :)

    @Roland. You honey-tongued thing...do you sweat in sonnets? Some poor girl out there is missing out on your exquisite prose. I like your point of view. It's like the old adage about having loved and lost. They never tell you about the pain though. :)

    @Munk. Squisky is my secret spy name. Sshh, don't give it away. :)

  16. A great reminder for everyone, especially as summer draws to an end.

    ...Well, not a technical end, but the kidlets, nieces, nephews, and grandbabies will be off to school soon. For me, it's a goofy nephew who won't be coming over as much, so it's time to have one more cook out. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. Hamsters are so damn cute. I find it's often hard to "unplug" from social media, especially with phones that do everything now. It's hard to put the phone down, not text, not check facebook or twitter or whatever other sites strike my fancy. But you're right and this is such a great post. Usually when I come home and I'm with my daughter I try to make an effort to focus only on her and put.the.phone.down. LOL. Also I love to just sit outside sometimes and soak everything in--the sounds, smell, feel of being outside and I like thunderstorms just as much as sunny days!

  18. this weekend i want to caving..

    in to the darkness.
    and feel the extreem adrenalin..

  19. Wonderful pictures! Savor the moment.

  20. @Lisa. I like storms too. Last night we had a doozie accompanied by a blackout. We were without any electronic whatsoever, even internet, and my hubby and stepson didn't know what to do with themselves. I opted for lounging on the couch serving as a pillow for DeeDee, my golden sheltie...one of the many wonders of life. :)

    @Carrie. Yummy, cookout. Set a plate for me. Isn't it fun to be a favorite Aunt? My nieces aren't that much older than me so it's safe to say we grew up together. I miss them sometimes. :)

    @Mark. I'm glad we're in agreement about the need to put social media in its place once in a while. :)

    @riva'i. Enjoy your time caving...scary experience. No telling what's in the dark. :)

    @Donna. You obviously know how to live. :)

    @Julie. Yeah, that's usually my stopping point too. :)

  21. I think they lost me at Leonard Nimoy's ears. Thanks for the beautiful heartfelt messages and yes, I'm going to have fun because I just finished my huge writing project that was making me crazy and next week I can get back to my manuscript. Isn't that colorful picture a fancy photographed quilt? ((Hugs!))

  22. @Desert Rocks. Well it's a well-deserved fun. Now you won't be crazy anymore, Even...oh wait, but I like crazy. Have a good one. :)

  23. You know, you are SO right. I'm always so lost in my writerly stuff whether it's blogging, writing or editing. Life is passing us by. Thanks for the wonderful reminder, Laila!

    I <3 your blog! I retweeted this post and posted a link on facebook and am now following! This post is too good to pass up sharing.

    Happy Friday!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  24. Laila, a dear friend of mine has this video over at her blog and it compliments your post SO perfectly!



  25. Love the photos, especially the one of the monkeys and tigers. Or are those lions. I can't tell when they're small. I remember the first time I heard that hypothesis. Someone asked God why is there evil and He said because there is good. Nice answer.

  26. Right now at this moment, my little guy is screaming his head off - he's two and that's just what they do sometimes.

    There's a Buddhist concept (I think it's Buddhist) that you should embrace your suffering because it's part of the human experience and was given to you by God. Tonight I embrace my suffering.

  27. your posts always make me smile. keep it up!

  28. Every comment I had in my head disappeared with the picture of the carrot in that cute little critter's mouth. haha

  29. That last image is from a Linkin Park video, one of my favorites. :)

    Great post and great advice!

  30. @Elizabeth. Thank you. Hey, the more people that read it the better. It's a good message. I will check out your friend's video. :)

    @Joylene. I'm glad you liked the pics. They're tigers. Is that how that hypothesi happened? I was so sure I learned it in school. :)

    @Tonja. Hmm, embracing suffering. Interesting. What we resist persists so it's probably in our best interest to at least honor the fact that we're suffering so it can move on. :)

    @Tim. Glad to make you smile. :)

    @TS. That was a pretty cute mouse huh. :)

    @Lydia. Is that where that's from? Baby animals are too cute. Enjoy your weekend. :)

    I've asked hubby to help me with Star Trek post so we can make it a family function. :) See you all Monday.

  31. Hi Laila,
    Come on over to my place. There are a couple of awards waiting for you over there.
    Valentina x

  32. ROFL! Thanks for the laugh! :O)

  33. Wow the photo collages and your colorful interpretation are a very interesting idea for a blog. I promise not to steal your idea but...I am very tempted :). You are always such a breath of fresh air.

  34. What a beautiful post. Thank you for the smile and the warmth I felt inside.

  35. For once I would like to meet something before they became a media sensation. Really enjoy your stuff.

  36. Very good post... you nailed it.

    Thx for sharing

  37. fantastic post. Life is our inspiration!

  38. Gosh, I haven't visited your blog in too long. You always make me smile when I do. What a great post. Funny, how sometimes we just need permission to live. It's like we get into autopilot and forget that it's okay to just live. Enjoy every moment, look into the eyes of the person talking to us and really listen. Thanks for the reminder. It's been a great day, I put my cell phone down and forgot about it. You are lovely! Thanks!! :)

  39. @Valentina. Thank you. I will visit today, tried to stay away from PC this weekend. :)

    @Madeleine. Glad to make you laugh. :)

    @Unikorna. Thank you. There's tons of pics to go around if you want to copy. Help yourself. :)

    @Belle. My pleasure. Love to inspire warmth. :)

    @kal. Thanks. Glad you liked my stuff. :)

    @Jeff. Thanks. Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

    @Heather. I'm glad to see you and happy to make you smile. It's good to forget about your phone sometimes. I figured as an artist you would appreciate my vision. :)

  40. Great reminder! And AWESOME pictures, btw. LOVED them!


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