When I was in sixth grade we studied ancient history, and I was introduced to Alexander. You know…this guy.

Oh, and about this thing:    this is way easy.  Nebraska is famous for it's corn..that's why our football team is called the Cornhuskers.  Don't blame me...I wasn't born here, and I grew up in Florida. :)


Don’t ask me why but I thought he was so cool. All I know is that I didn’t want him to die or feel unloved. To me he was a great general, so around that same time I wrote a story for him in the form of a poem.


Imagine my disappointment when this movie came out.


It was bloody and depicted him as someone easily manipulated. I hated it so much that I wrote variations to the story. In one of them he meets a lovely Egyptian girl. Unfortunately, I will not be posting any of those stories on this blog because material may be sensitive to viewers…that is readers. They don’t call him Alexander the Great for nothing.

What I will be sharing is that poem/story that I wrote so long ago when I was basically still a child. I had two poem books going at one time. The first was religious. The second I called Flesh. Bear with me. I didn’t edit any of this. It is exactly as I wrote it back then…and it is gushy as all hell. I try not to judge my writing from back then, but as everyone should know, teenagers experience some pretty strong emotions…specially when they’re going to grow up to be writers. I had to pause a few times to cover my face while I was copying it down…almost considered hitting delete. (See, they fall in love, he goes to war, he comes back, things are cool…you’ll see. And I obviously have a thing for green eyes.)



Come fair Alexander, arise from your bed.
Your plentiful army awaits to be led.
Awaken beloved, open your eyes, let me behold their green.
I’m real my flaming cupid, not a silent part of a dream.
My loving Alexander, you’re awake at last.
I’m so very confused. It all happened so fast.
I’m like a kitten inside your arms ready to cuddle or hiss.
Yet everything seems to disappear when I feel your brutal kiss.
We must not linger here right now, my general in black.
Your army is awaiting you to lead them through this war and back.
Kiss me now my husband and then depart from me.
Then when we meet again we’ll make love in ecstasy.
Forgive me love if I have saddened you, but I can not help but cry.
You see, I fear an awful thing, that death darken your eyes.
He left, my Alexander, to fight an ugly war
And left within me the precious seed of a child that would soon be born.
In nine month’s time was born the child, his hair an ebony black.
His eyes as green as my precious love whom I hoped would soon be back.
Then came our baby’s birthday, a celebration sweet.
Yet I was always fretting. Would my love be obsolete?
Upon the door came an empty knock, and I sat steady as a rock.
I rose to my feet, opened the door, and felt the endless joy of a wife never scorned.
There was my Alexander, and he was free from harm.
He looked at me so lovingly, then took me in his arms.
Like thirsty animals we drank from each other in that long awaited kiss.
To the floor we fell, my lips still pressed against his.
We went on to fulfill that promise he made to me,
That if he ever returned we’d make love in ecstasy.
Still gasping on the ground, we heard a shriekish cry.
It was little Alexander who was ready now to dine.
There we were the three of us, a family not fake,
Sitting around the table, eating a birthday cake.
I put the little one to bed
And followed the general to where I was being led.
Within the blankets made of foam
My lover proved to me he had come home.