I'd like to start out this day by thanking everyone who commented on my Friday blog.  You guys brightened my day and kept me form being bummed out.  You are all unbelievably awesome people.  You totally rock!!!.....Now for the Monday stuff.

I don't write thrillers and don't know the first thing about crime fiction.  This is a minor character I've placed in one of my books.  Her appearance is brief and an editor might do away with her altogether.  I thought she merited a moment of life on the blog. 

They called her Ginger. It was the color of her hair and the shade of her favorite lipstick during the Summer months. When she walked the length of a room wearing that silk red miniskirt all eyes were on her. Each wiggle of a curvy hip was enough to lure a saint onto perdition. A cheap version of Chanel No. 5 had her smelling like she just walked out of a French whorehouse. She liked her men, adored her cat, and was the best damn undercover detective in the whole precinct.

Keith stood at the entrance to Maroon Steakhouse and waited for her to reach his side. He nodded his head in greetings, took her by the arm, and escorted the brazen goddess to a table. The spark of authority in her eyes prevented him from pulling out her chair.

“Did you get it?” she asked.

He reached into his pocked and produced a flash card. “It’s pretty graphic.”

A burrow formed between her brows. “Kid, I’ve seen things that would make your skin crawl. Now hand it over.” She placed a hand on the table.

He rubbed her wrist before dropping it in her palm. “Let me go with you.”

Amber eyes twinkled with amusement. “Do you have any clue what a white slaver would do to a boy like you?” She slipped the flash card into her purse.

“What do you think they’ll do to you if they discover you’re a cop?”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take to save those girls.” She stood.

He hurried to her side. “You could at least stay for a glass of wine.”

She patted the baby-fine skin of his jaw. “I don’t drink on the job.”

He held her hand in place. “What’s your real name, Ginger?”

“Keith, never mind that.  Just feed my cat.”

He released his grip. Her fingers slid slowly from his face. Sadness dimmed the bright amber of her eyes to a rich brown. The next few days would be critical. If she didn’t survive she’d find herself drugged and sold for prophet to some pervert on the white slave market. He watched her leave, and so did every civilian in the restaurant. Lustful eyes crossed envious ones, but she never went unnoticed. That was Ginger, his superior, and a woman after his own heart.



  1. Very nice! Maybe she could be another series for you.

  2. Thanks Shelly. I don't think I can do crime fiction. I freeze after the third chapter, run out of material, but I'm glad you liked Ginger. :)

  3. I'm jealous. This was quite good, Laila.

    I wish I could write in multiple genres. I did win a national award for a sci-fi piece when I was in school, and have garnered a few accolades for my poetry.

    But I've always wanted to try YA, MG, or fantasy. I know I wouldn't be able to pull it off.

    You, on the other hand? This illustrates how versatile you are! Not only jealous here, but very impressed! I want to read more, and that's what it is all about.


  4. Very rich, Laila! It has the feel of a 1940's detective film. Wonderful details & the hint of something truly sinister. (You know I've written a thing or two about human trafficking.). You should give it a go. You have to work a crime story out the same as any other. You obviously have the skill. The voice was wonderful. For someone like you, it wouldn't be a problem. Sure can't say the same for me. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to read more!!

  5. I like the story and the character reminds me of my main character in my WIP. Short red hair and attitude. I love it!

  6. Oh, great scene! Hopefully she's not cut. :)

  7. Sounds like she is worthy of her own book. I love a strong female character!

  8. Yes, very good character. If you can't write crime, she could always be recycled and put into another genre. I do that sometimes with characters from abandoned projects. I'm earth friendly that way. :)

  9. She sounds like a character!

    I don't think I could write crime fiction either; I've tried mystery, and those always fizzle out after a few days of writing.

  10. I was hoping my thriller lovers would show up and give me an opinion. Thank you. I've never been able to write crime fiction past a few chapters, and Ginger was meant to play a small role to help my heroine develop. If you know what Theodora is you'd understand.

    Bryce, you have nothing to be jealous about. You are an awesome writer. I'm sure you could pull off fantasy if you tried. Awards for Sci-Fi and poetry, that is way cool! Your prose knocks my socks off.

    Nancy, I'm positive you could write another novel. What I read in your query about you characters and plot is pretty great. I love Skylar. He sounds like he's gone through so much and still triumphed. You should try.

    Lisa, she'd be that sexy other book for me...but one never knows what the future has in store. As a panster I play it by ear.

    I once told myself I couldn't write YA. Then fabulous blogger buddy friend Roland gave me a pep talk. As I recall he said something like, "you won't know you can't do it until you try. If you fail, at least you'll have fun at it and learn from the experience." Of course it could have been a techique he used to lure me into his blog...but I still like him so very much...and I'm writing a YA that's sitting on standby until I'm done with edits on "Untroubled Kingdom". You guys do get that's the name of my first book...right?

    Desert Rocks, I'm so glad you liked Ginger. I promise that I did not dip into your mind and steal the picture of your main character. If she looks anything like Ginger, she should be pretty cool.


    L.G. I love that idea about recycling her. I do that a lot too. Hopefully, I won't have to though. As long as editors like my story plots as they are and don't completely rip them to shreds I think Ginger should remain intact. :) (Stop by tomorrow and I'll have a little bit of Shakespeare for you.)

    Golden Eagle. Yup, that's exactly it. I get bored and it fizzles...but I can keep fantasy going forever. :)

    A PEEK INTO ONE OF MY WIPs tomorrow. Yes, it involves Shakespeare.

  11. Very well done. I tip my hat to you.

  12. "The spark of authority in her eyes prevented him from pulling out her chair."

    Oh, I love that! :)

  13. @Rusty. Well hey there. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your compliment means a lot to me. :)

    @Carrie. Wuz up girl! I'm real excited, just finished edits on a tough chapter. Glad you liked the story.

  14. Hi Donna. I did email you yesterday. I hoped you got it. :)

  15. It is an interesting exchange between the two characters, I wish I had more context to frame them in. Alas this is all you are giving us. (Taps foot waiting for more, a slight pout on his face.)

  16. @Mike. And that's all I'm posting on it. I will go as far as revealing that she gets killed off trying to save another girl. The story was meant for only one chapter. I embelished for the blog post. :)

  17. Ahh, the things we'll do for our fellow bloggers... lol


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