Fantasy Pictures

As a fantasy writer I'm expected to keep an open mind about certain things, so naturally there are a lot of creatures running around inside my head.  In order to remain focused, I keep a stash of pictures. 

I thought I'd share a few today.

                                      UNICORNS  (nothing says magic like
                                                                           a unicorn.)
                                       MOMMY, CAN I RIDE IT,HUH?

                                   I would love this costume for Halloween.

                                                   SEXY BADASS ANGEL.

                                                Pretty Fairy

                                                 DARK WIZARD

                                           another great costume.

Semi-nude warrior women.


Mommy can I...never mind.

This guy reminds me of He-Man.  I wanna ride that saber toothed cat.

OOhh, definitely wanna ride cool dragon.


Pretty Castle
(Usual setting for most fantasies.)


Get em elf girl.
(Her unicorn's been eating kibbles.)

I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley, or out in the open for that matter.

Cool alien girl.
(I wonder if she used aluminum foil for the costume.)

A story isn't complete without villains.

Have a great Tuesday and I hope everyone enjoyed the pics.  :)