I was all ready to post something nice for you all blogger buddies today, but I've reached a small stepping stone that need handling.

No, it's not about blogging..I can ramble with the best of them.

I sent my first few chapter to critique partner.  She ripped me a new rear end...NOT REALLY.  She's been wonderful and professional.  I totally love her.

See, here's the thing.  When I started writing it wasn't with the intention of publishing, so I've been using Microsoft Works Word Processor.  (You know, the program that comes with each computer.)

The problem is that she uses Microsoft Word, and I've discovered the two are not compatible.

When I email my sample pages over, they look like they were typed by a two year old with a crayon.

While I work on getting MS Word installed into my PC at home, does anyone know how to make these two programs compatible without converting them to RTF format?

I will be late visiting blogs today.  Have a wonderful day.

What programs do you all use to write on?