A Little Wednesday Fun

Good morning bloggeroos.

Since I'm still exhausted from Monday, I thought today we could have a little fun in the form of roleplaying.  This game will require you to answer one very simple question and offer some brief eye candy.

Let's say you know you're going to be stranded here.

Not to worry.  I've allowed for a bit of companionship.


You will be stranded with this guy.

Minus the armor.

Woohoo!  Hoot, whistle, hop in place.

Gentlemen, I have spared no expense.

You will be stranded with

this lady.

Dammit, I told them not to use my body in that picture!

Now, boast of your superhuman abilities and sexual prowess all you want.

You will still run out of things to do.

I have allowed you to take one item and only one item as a form of entertainment.

Choose wisely.

There is no electricity on a deserted island.

And you may be there a while.

What one item would you take with you?


Have a good day!