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Stuck in Wonderland?

Did you ever get the feeling that what's going on around you isn't real?  We go through the motions.  We get up in the morning, work, tend to all the routine and dayly activities, and it happens over and over again.  We choose our careers, who we're going to marry, our homes, surroundings, even our friends. 


It's an ongoing tea party.
And we know these guys have been spiking the tea.

But what if the real us is actually in a place that looks like this?

Trading ideas with the fox and the rabit that's always running late.

And reminiscing with the bookworm and his bong.

How real is this thing called life as we know it?

Are we a product of another writer's imagination?
Or are we in fact writing our own story as we go along?
As the years go by will the edits make us better?

Will we ever reach a stopping point?
Or are we one continuous work in progress?

These are all important questions.

What if one day we wake up from that dream in Wonderland and discover that none of it was real.


All this time I've actually looked like this.

And I came from this place.

Maybe reality itself is only a matter of perspective.

So let's go out there on this fabulous Monday and enjoy the life we have and most important,
let's write our very best story. 


Have a great day!