Novel to Films Blogfest

Picks for Day 2.  I love a good romance, and this one rips at your heart strings.

The Notebook Cover.jpg

The story begins with Noah, an 80-year-old man, reading to a woman in a nursing home.  He is reading the story of their meeting to his wife who is battling Alzheimers and doesn't recognize him.  Her only memory is sparked by his relating of the story, which he reads to her every day.  He explains that he is also ill, battling a third cancer, and suffering heart disease, kidney failure, and severe arthritis in his hands.  The story starts with a tempestuous romance and ends with their death, side by side on the hospital bed.  I've never cried so much during a movie.

Next:  Bridget Jones Diary.  It has humor, sexy guys, and a fabulous romance.


This is the story of a 30+ woman jotting down her personal journal.  She writes down everything about her life, her career, self-image, vices, family, friends, and romantic relationships.  Bridget not only obsesses about her love life, but also details her various daily struggles with her weight, her over-indulgence in alcohol and cigarettes, and her career. At the beginning of the novel she is employed in the publishing industry, but after her breakup with Daniel she quits and begins working, somewhat accidentally, as a journalist for a local television station. Bridget's friends and family are the supporting characters in her diary. Her best friends are Shazzer, a strident feminist; Jude, a highly successful business woman; and Tom, a gay man. These friends are there for her unconditionally throughout the novel; they give her advice about her relationships, and support when problems arise.  The story is funny and heartwarming.  I liked it so much I had to watch the movie.

That's it for today.  Tomorrow I'll toss in a couple fantasy movies into the equation.

Have a great day!