FREE SEX ADVICE...about your writing.

You make me giggle.  You are so sweet.  I love your wiggle.  Let me tickle your feet. 

Kids of the opposite sex are drawn to each other.  They don't know why it happens.  The only thing they really know is that it makes them happy to be together.                                                               

Then they grow up and find themselves in a heap of trouble.  Why?  Well there's this thing called sex. 

No, anything but that!

I had a fabulous romance writer friend ask me a question yesterday that got me thinking.  How can I write a sex scene without being too explicit?  Now why the heck would I want to do that?  I've asked myself the same question for the last ten minutes but decided to just go with it for the sake of the blog.

How would my readers feel about this?  It's a question each writer should ask themselves.  Above all we are storytellers, entertainers.    We should care what the readers think, yearn to deliver the perfect tale.                                                                                                                                                          

I have learned that there are ways to tweak a scene so that it's pretty clean.  Aluding to an act can some times be just as powerful and dramatic.                                                                                                                                             


Let's say for instance that Sam invited Mary back to his hotel room. 
They talk.  They kiss.  The lights go off.  Next thing we know it's morning and Mary is dropping off her room key at the front desk while Sam is still snug in bed with a self-satisfied grin that goes from ear to ear...or he could be smoking in bed....or maybe she's cooking him pancakes while wearing his pajama top and nothing else....or perhaps she stepped out of the shower.   There are tons of ways to alude to the fact that they've spent the night together.  I know a couple that plays scrabble in bed.  They didn't take kindly to me asking them if it was nude scrabble.  Heck, I thought it was funny.                                               

Then there's the whole issue of body parts.  If you're going to refer to genitals please avoid scientific terms.  Vagina and penis make me feel like if I'm sitting in a biology class.  Also, refrain from using funny terminoligy unless it applies to your story. 

To say, "she reached for the one-eyed wonder weasel" might have me laughing my ass off but it will not get me hot and bothered and ruin the whole scene.  Okay, I will most probably keep on reading just because it's me, but I doubt editors will be too happy.  

Speak real English.  Use the words we say behind closed doors.  Don't be bashful about it.  Readers will love you for it.  If you can't manage the actual words consider not saying them at all.

For example:  Mary stepped out of the tub.  Her mouth watered at the sight of Sam leaning against the doorway.  She took a few steps toward him eager to wipe that smug grin from his face.  She lifted her hand to her face while trying hard to maintain eye contact.  Very slowly, she ran the tip of her tongue over the length of her palm.  Then, she reached for him.  (See, no naughty words at all.)


Hope this has been helpful or at the least entertaining.  Have a great day!