Good morning Blogger Buds on this my last post for the year.

By now many of you have heard of NASA discovering my home planet, which they have erroneously dubbed, Kepler22b.

My people are in an uproar.  What if Earthlings decide to visit?  Even years from now the people of Earth won't be prepared to set foot on a planet like Kepler22b.  After speaking to fellow writer and friend, Joylene Butler at http://cluculzwriter.blogspot.com/, we decided that this discussion would be better tackled by a representative from each of our planets.

I've selected someone who knows me all-too-well, the protagonist of my novel, Theodora.  To check out Theodora's argument, please visit Joylene's blog listed above.

To plead this case on behalf of Earth, Joylene has elected the protagonist from her novel, Valerie McCormick.

Thea: Valerie, tell me a little about yourself. How did Joylene come up with you? And why are you qualified to speak on behalf of Joylene and the Earthling race?

Valerie: My name is Valerie McCormick, I'm a mother, wife, bookkeeper, and girls' baseball coach. Joylene says I just showed up one day. That's probably true. It's been a few decades. I think I'm qualified to speak on her behalf because I understand her better than most. It's been my experience that people tend to make life more complicated than it needs to be, and generally the answer is right in front of their face but they don't see it. I actually like that about Joylene. Even with age, she's still ready to believe people are innately good.

Thea: I see.  That is a fabulous quality.  You obviously like her a great deal, but what about the rest of the Earthlings?  In your opinion, what makes Earthlings so special? What can you as a species contribute to our society.

Valerie: Human beings by their very nature are capable of great love, joy and kindness. Most of them. For instance Joylene has made me a worker. I don't judge. I don't pine. I don't abuse. If you need help, I'm willing. If you need an ear, I will listen. I'm not a mystery and I don't have an agenda. For instance, you're very unusual. I like that.

Thea: Well, thank you.  That's one of my better qualities.  Kudos for not staring at my cleavage, btw.  Now, your creator writes thrillers. As a race, the people of Kepler22b are fascinated by writers. What made Joylene decide on that genre? Tell me the name of her current book and where it's available for purchase. And is there a character, aside from you, that she is particularly fond of, and why?

Valerie: Joylene has a dark side that I think embarrasses her. So she writes about those dark thoughts in fiction instead. Recently a friend asked her if she'd write a comedy or a child's book. She's convinced she can't be funny on paper, but she does have a story for children called "Spirit Eagle."

I think it would be good for her to lighten up a bit. Although from what I can see, even the children's story is about moral issues.

Her most current novel centers around a woman terrorized by her stalker, but who, when push comes to shove, takes back her power.

Joylene's most recently completed manuscript is also mental abuse and how a policeman grapples over whether to charge a suspect in a murder case because she was horribly abused by the victim.

Actually I'm partially right. It just occurred to me that all Joylene's novels are about the complexities of the parent-child relationship and how abuse leaves lasting scars that can't always be treated.

Joylene loves all her characters equally; though, if I'm not mistaken, she does have strong fondness for Corporal Danny Killian of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Danny's cute, a widower, and an Aboriginal man in a white man's police force. Not an easy life, but he carries on his duty with dignity. Joylene appreciates people like that.

Thea: Hmm, your creator sounds fascinating.  You obviously know her well.  As for this Danny character, seems like he'd fit in with Craven's crew perfectly.  Tell me, if you could use one word to describe Joylene, what would it be?


Thea: Very nice.  And finally, on your behalf, I will deliver a message to the people of Kepler22b. What would you like to tell them?

Valerie: Please extend them an invitation to read and enjoy Joylene's novels. She's a storyteller with an unique take on the human condition. I find her stories captivating. I think the people of Kepler22b will understand the human condition better through her novels.

Thea: Wonderful!  Thank you for your time.  I will deliver this information exactly how you've worded it.  Laila's people will give careful consideration to your words. 

To the rest of you, please see Joylene's book below.  The first five chapters are now available as a sample from Amazon. 

Author of Dead Witness, Broken But Not Dead , and the e-book version of Dead Witness

"Man's heart away from nature becomes hard." Standing Bear

blog - http://cluculzwriter.blogspot.com
webpage - http://joylenenowellbutler.com


1. I hope everyone enjoyed the interview.  We thought it would be a fun way to tell a little more about each other and our writing.  Learn more about the people of Kepler22b and me at Joylene's site listed above.

Sia over at http://siamckye.blogspot.com/ will be posting some during the last two weeks of this month.  Feel free to go check them out.  She's a nice lady.  I mentioned I might be able to supply her with one of mine...but that still remains to be seen since I'm up to my neck with other left-brained stuff and the only whispering my muses are doing involves cursing.

3. I won't see you guys till after the first of the year.  And New Year's being my favorite holiday and all, I felt I should leave you with a parting chuckle. 

                                        Watch what you say, Santa. 


It's a good thing the elves aren't around.  I guess even Santa has needs.

So that's what happened to the cat.  Milk and cookies weren't enough?

The day after Christmas.  Move over Santa.  This is what I'll be doing.






Dec 6

Before I begin this most embarrassing story, I'd like to remind everyone that I am older than I look.

This in fact happened when I had just turned 20.

I was working as a security guard in an office building tower in Florida. It had like 30 floors. The guards were given keys to get into the bathroom as well as other chambers. Well, my security buddy at the time decided he was going to the gas station for some snacks and left me all by myself.

Time passed and he still didn't show. Well, I had to pee. So I went into the building and discovered I couldn't get into the bathrooms. Well, of course not...I didn't have the key.

Well, I certainly wasn't going to go outside and squat behind a bush. I had a reputation to uphold. What if someone saw me?

Next thing I knew, I found myself in the laundry room.

They have these humongous sinks in there, could very well be confused with a tub. There was no one around. It was perfect. A man would do it in my place.

So I dropped my camouflage pants clear to my ankles and climbed on the sink.
In the middle of tinkling, with butt in the sink, I hear a shuffling of feet outside.

Then the door opens.

And the paper guy follows, his eyes as round as saucers.

I hopped off the sink, pulled up my pants, looked him square in the face and said, "Oh, you caught me."

And he got the hell out of there.

Five minutes later, after I had sort of composed myself, I went outside.

My guard buddy was leaning against the car, crying and doubling over with laughter.

The bastard.

And all I could do was laugh with him. I never went back to security after that.
It's probably a good thing.

There you have it. One of my most embarrassing moments. And I do have a few.  See you all on Wednesday for Insecure Writer's Day.




Good morning everyone, and Happy 1st of December!

Last month I posted about all my immediate plans for the future.  Among these was the wooden floor.  Well it's finished and it's cool, and since I love to share, here are a few pics.

The poochies weren't too pleased at having to wear the booties for a few days, but I got a kick out of it.  Pink for Deedra, blue for Stryker.  :)

One more just for heck of it.

This would be our entryway and my cool eggplant curtain.  All that's missing is the rug, but we have to wait a few more days before laying it out.

Ah, I like this angle better...shows off the art and my plants :)

My stepson said the walls were an icecream green...so we're a light green and mixed purples throughout.  The colors complement each other well.

The funny thing is I've always liked my furniture a bit on the futuristic side.  Years spent with my husband have taught me an appreciation for wood.  I guess that's to be expected.  Men do tend to rub off. 

Now we just have to tackle our bathroom and change the carpet and we're good to go.

So, any of you guys hot for wood? 

I knew someone who had their whole house decorated in glass...that was actually pretty cool.

Everyone have a great weekend!  I will be hopping.

Might post more often next week due to some activities I've joined...if I can remember what they are now.


Also, don't forget Dec 6, Cassie at http://readingwritingandlovinit.blogspot.com/ is hosting a bloghop...see explanation below.

The idea is to reveal an emberrasing moment you've gone through...or one of your characters has gone through.  Come on, dare to put yourself on the line and share a blushing moment.

And of coure dont forget the Insecure Writer's is just around the corner.  Dec 7.  at http://alexjcavanaugh.blogspot.com/  You know what's crazy...I'm not feeling very insecure.  All this blog therapy must be working.

First Wednesday of Every Month

Also, will probably host a guest blog on Dec 6.  Will post more about it on Monday.

Didn't mean to be long winded.  Take care, everyone. :)