Sweets for the Sweet.


Good morning everyone.

I had a post all ready for today, but I couldn't possibly ignore this wonderful award given to me by fellow blogger extraordinaire Bryce Daniels at the The Bryce Daniels Preservation Society  who continues to wow me with his prose and tickle me with his humor.  One day I might even discover his real name.  Thanks

I hope there are no rules that dictate that I have to complete this the same day it was received because I decided to have a little fun with it.  Let me start by saying that not only am I a visual person but I love angels.  Having said that, I'm going to attempt to put a face to a name.

For all of those who have never seen his face, this is Bryce.  
It was either this or...
                                              I decided the angel was much more cute.


1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.  (See above.)
2. Include seven random tidbits about yourself.  (See below.)
3. Pass award on to 5 others and link to their blogs. (See further down.)
4. Let the people know you've given them the award. (Okay.)

Seven Tidbits About Me:  My goodness, what can I say about myself that I haven't already blabbed about on my blog?  Ahem, I'll try to keep this brief.

This is me...for today.

1. I was born in a communist country, which means I had to stand in line for food, clothing, and anything else I wanted.  It also means that I appreciate what it means to be an American.  I'm fluent in two languages, can understand what I'm reading in four, and can curse in all of them...not that I ever do that.

2. I'm a big fan of the Pink Panther and have the theme tune as my cellphone ringer.  For a short time I was addicted to episodes of Xena the Warrior Princess.  She still rocks.

3. I love dogs, cats, ferrets....all animals actually.  I once almost had a zoo inside a one-bedroom apartment.  That didn't bode well with  the landlord...specially since there were no pets allows.  Now I just have dogs.  (Caution: I have been known to run a fence line.)  I've also been swimming with dolphins.  It is quite the experience.

4. I'm a wine connoisseur.  (That just means I'll drink anything red, but I know that for show I need to sniff it first.)  Hubby bought me a wine shirt with a picture of a spitoon.  It says, Do you spit or swallow.  (I'm not allowed to wear it in public.)  I also like coffee ice cream and brown cake with brown frosting.

5. I'm an obsessive hummer.  (I don't ever realize I'm doing it.)  It started when I was little.  It means I create my own background noise regardless of whether I'm sad of happy.

6. When I'm not working on my current WIP, I write poetry or sketch faces.  I've sketched several picture of the male protagonist in my novel.  I also have a thing for art and science museums and am a certified trekkie. (Live long and prosper.)  Sorry, had to throw that in there.

7. I've been living in Nebraska for ten years after meeting hubby on line and coercing him into marrying me.  Nah, he realized he couldn't live without it...at least that's what I tell him every day.  I think he believes me now.


I'm passing on the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award to: 

Let me start by saying that I am proud to share this space with all my fellow bloggers.  Bryce and Nancy were my first buds in the Blogosphere.  I think I picked them up from Rachelle Gardner's blog.  And I'm so happy I did.

So, allow me to present the next five.

1. Desert Rocks at  The Desert Rocks.  

Desert Rocks was one of my first followers.  I have no clue what she looks like or what her name is, but, like me, she wouldn't mind kissing Clark Gable.  She believes in angels and has a cute wiener doggie.  She strikes me as a lady of distinction.  Her posts make me think of basic human kindness, good home cooking, and a warm hug.  Her writing clearly flows from the heart.  I thought the fairy angel suited her well.

2. Mike Koch at  Protect The Risen.    

Okay, I know what he really looks like, but I couldn't help myself.   I'm also sure he'll appreciate the picture.  I've been following Mike in silence for a while, and vice versa.  He has a way of weaving words together on a post that makes me think of art.  I'd be thrilled to read one of his novels.  I've recently discovered that he is open-minded, has a great sense of humor, a vivid imagination, and isn't afraid to play with words.

3.  Jessica Nelson at  Jessica Nelson.

Jessica just sold her first book.  It's due to be published in 2012.  Although she only posts on Wednesdays, everyone can benefit from this great writer's insight into the publishing world.  She also has nothing but goodness in her heart, always a kind word, and is as sweet as molasses.  I gave her the fairest angel.

4. T. B. McKenzie at  Magickless

Did you notice how the angel guys are hotter than the women.  What's up with that?  Good job!

Travis is an awesome fantasy writer who is in the process of getting published.  He is doing a terrific job of writing in detail everything he's had to do to ready his manuscript for publication.  He's a teacher, an artist, and a great writer.  I doubt he'll have any time to play, but I've given him this award to show others someone who has begun to live the dream, and what we're all eventually in store for.

 Pam loves beaded necklaces, making lists, remodelling her house.  She has a warm heart, is really family oriented and is one of the most caring individuals on this Earth.  (No wonder she writes romance.)  She was also my third follower, and I haven't heard from her in a while.  I'm sending her this award so she can share a little bit more about herself.

                                     There now.  The cards have been placed on the table.

                                                 I hope everyone has enjoyed this post as
                                                 much as I enjoyed writing it.