Fantasy Stuff

When I was around seven I developed an interest for nature. Instead of playing with the other kids during after school care I’d spend the time walking in the yard. I’d talk to the trees, kicked up leaves, rejoiced when butterflies and dragonflies landed on me, and acknowledge the presence of fairies. It was my understanding that all of God’s creatures had angels watching over them. For the elements, those angels were the fae. Now, I didn’t go out of my way to share this information with the other kids, but my obsession with all things green earned me the title “Nature Girl.”

Till this day I still try to consider all of nature through the eyes of a child. Let’s face it, as a fantasy writer it’s my right, even my duty, to entertain anything outside of the norm. I should wish upon a star. I own a telescope for this purpose in particular. If I happen to trip, what can I do but place blame where it belongs, the six inch trolls of course. My socks are slowly depleting thanks to the sock gnomes that live in my dryer. Unicorns fly at dusk right after they‘ve submerged themselves in water for their daily baths. That‘s where dew comes from. Dragons clear their throats at dawn. That’s why the sky glows red. Mermaids are real. They send dolphins up to the surface to see if the coast is clear, only then do they show themselves. If an ashtray become full, a phoenix will rise out of the ashes. When I cry, an angel holds my hand. This is true. These are all stories I told myself as a child, a few of the memories I still cherish. It’s no wonder I became a writer.

As I sit on the brick patio writing this to post on Monday, I’m holding perfectly still. There’s a hummingbird perched on my hummingbird feeder. They perch for about two seconds then move on. It’s such creatures more than anything that make me think of fairies. Nothing brings me closer to the fantasy genre than to lose myself in nature. So if you‘ve stopped by to pay a visit today, I invite you to take a close look at the beautiful fairy in this picture and dare to lose yourselves in nature.

Have a great Monday.