You are not trapped in time loop. This is Friday's post. 

You guys should know by now that I get tired of following my own rules.  Besides, it's kinda fun to create confusion.  Did you ever have something stuck in your head and you couldn't stop thinking about it until you wrote it down? Well, here you have it.  Welcome to my brain.  Ooh, and check out my cartoon self.  Yup, that is definitely what I look like in my otherworldly state.

My husband called me "short" the other day. At his 6'5 stature the comment didn't come as a surprise. As a matter of fact, the sweet, cradle-robbing darling calls me that often, even though I've explained to him countless times that God crams us into small packages to hide the brilliance of our souls. (Hear that fun-sized people?) Of course he's in denial. Still, his remark brought to mind the memory of my trouble adapting to symbiosis. ( The interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. AKA: Adapting to life as an Earthling.)

I once looked like this: Fabulous alien self.

Then I hopped into something that looked kinda like this: Couldn't find picture of baby Earthling self.

During the long, arduous adjustment period I looked a little something like this: Ugly duckling, which is actually remarkable cute.

I was the kid that got picked on, the loner, the one that didn't open her mouth from fear of being ridiculed. I had no sense of fashion, doubted myself beyond reason, and always did what I was told up to the point where I didn't do anything I wanted to do. Merging with a host is tricky business. I can clearly remember living in my head. And in there life was rich...so much in fact that it developed into a great Fantasy. And that Fantasy poured into books.

I've often been asked why I write Fantasy and not another genre that might allegedly make me more money. Oh, I could go into great detail, but the answer is real simple. A great story told in a fantastical way is the signature of my soul. And we all have our own unique signatures. We are as varying as the stars.

So now that I'm most comfortable in my wonderful self, I'm going to cut this Friday post short and invite you all to celebrate being you. And in doing that, I'm leaving you one question to take with you and ponder.

What's the number one reason why you love being you?

Now shine like a star.

Happy Friday everyone and an even better weekend. ...^-^...