I was feeling a little blue last night...all better now, but blogger suffered the consequences.

Did you ever feel so different that the world didn't know quite what to make of you?

I have often enough. It's difficult not to when I've set out on my own journey to create the best in me. Sometimes that freaks people out.

As humans we have the bad habit of condemning what we can't understand. It's natural, but I'm not immune to the effects.

And I've questioned myself.

What drives the thirst to explore beneath the confines of my flesh to the raw amber of my soul? What moves me, defines me?I doubt. I obsess.

I pommel the sand in an attempt to rebuild my own castles.

Then I remind myself that we're all particles of the same starstuff. We're cut from the same mold.

                                                            I'm a zonkey.

                                               Are you a zonkey too?

Happy Friday everyone!
Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones. I know I plan to. ...^-^...

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