FOR MY SCI-FI FRIENDS...heck it's for all of you.

I write Fantasy, but Science Fiction was my first love. My childhood wishes were filled with desires of being taken out into space by a lovely race of aliens, all because they thought I was just that special. Or, I fooled myself into believing that a group of aliens had dropped me on Earth in the care of human parents so that I could save the planet. Kids have wild imaginations. Isn't it grand? 

I have a short scene with similar creatures in one of my books....book 7 I think.

Here goes...again this is a quick one.
Sugar, an elaborate taffy confection, that's what the atmosphere smelled like on Traxis. A three-fingered hand reached up and poked at the dense fog. It was the closest Eva could come to saying goodbye to the land of her ancestors. Every planet suffers through an evolution phase, a season of refurbishing. Traxis was no exception.

"Are you ready, Erin?"

What could have been a beautiful voice was merely a form of telepathy. How could a creature without a mouth form words? It was foolishness to expect that they could survive on Earth. How did the elders not see that?

Erin joined her. "Eva, stop worrying."

She glanced at the beloved shape of her lover. For years she'd adored the forest green splendor of his iris. "They'll dissect us."

He patted the bulging vein at the crease of her blue eyelash. "Don't say that."

A pale lid closed over a violet iris. "It's what the humans do, destroy what they can't understand. See what they've done to their own planet."

Three stubby digits laced with hers. "And that's why we're going to take it from them."

She stared down at her three-toed feet and surrendered to her destiny. Gently, Erin ushered her away. The future beckoned.

See you tomorrow.  ....^-^.....