Good morning Blogger Buds on this my last post for the year.

By now many of you have heard of NASA discovering my home planet, which they have erroneously dubbed, Kepler22b.

My people are in an uproar.  What if Earthlings decide to visit?  Even years from now the people of Earth won't be prepared to set foot on a planet like Kepler22b.  After speaking to fellow writer and friend, Joylene Butler at http://cluculzwriter.blogspot.com/, we decided that this discussion would be better tackled by a representative from each of our planets.

I've selected someone who knows me all-too-well, the protagonist of my novel, Theodora.  To check out Theodora's argument, please visit Joylene's blog listed above.

To plead this case on behalf of Earth, Joylene has elected the protagonist from her novel, Valerie McCormick.

Thea: Valerie, tell me a little about yourself. How did Joylene come up with you? And why are you qualified to speak on behalf of Joylene and the Earthling race?

Valerie: My name is Valerie McCormick, I'm a mother, wife, bookkeeper, and girls' baseball coach. Joylene says I just showed up one day. That's probably true. It's been a few decades. I think I'm qualified to speak on her behalf because I understand her better than most. It's been my experience that people tend to make life more complicated than it needs to be, and generally the answer is right in front of their face but they don't see it. I actually like that about Joylene. Even with age, she's still ready to believe people are innately good.

Thea: I see.  That is a fabulous quality.  You obviously like her a great deal, but what about the rest of the Earthlings?  In your opinion, what makes Earthlings so special? What can you as a species contribute to our society.

Valerie: Human beings by their very nature are capable of great love, joy and kindness. Most of them. For instance Joylene has made me a worker. I don't judge. I don't pine. I don't abuse. If you need help, I'm willing. If you need an ear, I will listen. I'm not a mystery and I don't have an agenda. For instance, you're very unusual. I like that.

Thea: Well, thank you.  That's one of my better qualities.  Kudos for not staring at my cleavage, btw.  Now, your creator writes thrillers. As a race, the people of Kepler22b are fascinated by writers. What made Joylene decide on that genre? Tell me the name of her current book and where it's available for purchase. And is there a character, aside from you, that she is particularly fond of, and why?

Valerie: Joylene has a dark side that I think embarrasses her. So she writes about those dark thoughts in fiction instead. Recently a friend asked her if she'd write a comedy or a child's book. She's convinced she can't be funny on paper, but she does have a story for children called "Spirit Eagle."

I think it would be good for her to lighten up a bit. Although from what I can see, even the children's story is about moral issues.

Her most current novel centers around a woman terrorized by her stalker, but who, when push comes to shove, takes back her power.

Joylene's most recently completed manuscript is also mental abuse and how a policeman grapples over whether to charge a suspect in a murder case because she was horribly abused by the victim.

Actually I'm partially right. It just occurred to me that all Joylene's novels are about the complexities of the parent-child relationship and how abuse leaves lasting scars that can't always be treated.

Joylene loves all her characters equally; though, if I'm not mistaken, she does have strong fondness for Corporal Danny Killian of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Danny's cute, a widower, and an Aboriginal man in a white man's police force. Not an easy life, but he carries on his duty with dignity. Joylene appreciates people like that.

Thea: Hmm, your creator sounds fascinating.  You obviously know her well.  As for this Danny character, seems like he'd fit in with Craven's crew perfectly.  Tell me, if you could use one word to describe Joylene, what would it be?


Thea: Very nice.  And finally, on your behalf, I will deliver a message to the people of Kepler22b. What would you like to tell them?

Valerie: Please extend them an invitation to read and enjoy Joylene's novels. She's a storyteller with an unique take on the human condition. I find her stories captivating. I think the people of Kepler22b will understand the human condition better through her novels.

Thea: Wonderful!  Thank you for your time.  I will deliver this information exactly how you've worded it.  Laila's people will give careful consideration to your words. 

To the rest of you, please see Joylene's book below.  The first five chapters are now available as a sample from Amazon. 

Author of Dead Witness, Broken But Not Dead , and the e-book version of Dead Witness

"Man's heart away from nature becomes hard." Standing Bear

blog - http://cluculzwriter.blogspot.com
webpage - http://joylenenowellbutler.com


1. I hope everyone enjoyed the interview.  We thought it would be a fun way to tell a little more about each other and our writing.  Learn more about the people of Kepler22b and me at Joylene's site listed above.

Sia over at http://siamckye.blogspot.com/ will be posting some during the last two weeks of this month.  Feel free to go check them out.  She's a nice lady.  I mentioned I might be able to supply her with one of mine...but that still remains to be seen since I'm up to my neck with other left-brained stuff and the only whispering my muses are doing involves cursing.

3. I won't see you guys till after the first of the year.  And New Year's being my favorite holiday and all, I felt I should leave you with a parting chuckle. 

                                        Watch what you say, Santa. 


It's a good thing the elves aren't around.  I guess even Santa has needs.

So that's what happened to the cat.  Milk and cookies weren't enough?

The day after Christmas.  Move over Santa.  This is what I'll be doing.






Dec 6

Before I begin this most embarrassing story, I'd like to remind everyone that I am older than I look.

This in fact happened when I had just turned 20.

I was working as a security guard in an office building tower in Florida. It had like 30 floors. The guards were given keys to get into the bathroom as well as other chambers. Well, my security buddy at the time decided he was going to the gas station for some snacks and left me all by myself.

Time passed and he still didn't show. Well, I had to pee. So I went into the building and discovered I couldn't get into the bathrooms. Well, of course not...I didn't have the key.

Well, I certainly wasn't going to go outside and squat behind a bush. I had a reputation to uphold. What if someone saw me?

Next thing I knew, I found myself in the laundry room.

They have these humongous sinks in there, could very well be confused with a tub. There was no one around. It was perfect. A man would do it in my place.

So I dropped my camouflage pants clear to my ankles and climbed on the sink.
In the middle of tinkling, with butt in the sink, I hear a shuffling of feet outside.

Then the door opens.

And the paper guy follows, his eyes as round as saucers.

I hopped off the sink, pulled up my pants, looked him square in the face and said, "Oh, you caught me."

And he got the hell out of there.

Five minutes later, after I had sort of composed myself, I went outside.

My guard buddy was leaning against the car, crying and doubling over with laughter.

The bastard.

And all I could do was laugh with him. I never went back to security after that.
It's probably a good thing.

There you have it. One of my most embarrassing moments. And I do have a few.  See you all on Wednesday for Insecure Writer's Day.




Good morning everyone, and Happy 1st of December!

Last month I posted about all my immediate plans for the future.  Among these was the wooden floor.  Well it's finished and it's cool, and since I love to share, here are a few pics.

The poochies weren't too pleased at having to wear the booties for a few days, but I got a kick out of it.  Pink for Deedra, blue for Stryker.  :)

One more just for heck of it.

This would be our entryway and my cool eggplant curtain.  All that's missing is the rug, but we have to wait a few more days before laying it out.

Ah, I like this angle better...shows off the art and my plants :)

My stepson said the walls were an icecream green...so we're a light green and mixed purples throughout.  The colors complement each other well.

The funny thing is I've always liked my furniture a bit on the futuristic side.  Years spent with my husband have taught me an appreciation for wood.  I guess that's to be expected.  Men do tend to rub off. 

Now we just have to tackle our bathroom and change the carpet and we're good to go.

So, any of you guys hot for wood? 

I knew someone who had their whole house decorated in glass...that was actually pretty cool.

Everyone have a great weekend!  I will be hopping.

Might post more often next week due to some activities I've joined...if I can remember what they are now.


Also, don't forget Dec 6, Cassie at http://readingwritingandlovinit.blogspot.com/ is hosting a bloghop...see explanation below.

The idea is to reveal an emberrasing moment you've gone through...or one of your characters has gone through.  Come on, dare to put yourself on the line and share a blushing moment.

And of coure dont forget the Insecure Writer's is just around the corner.  Dec 7.  at http://alexjcavanaugh.blogspot.com/  You know what's crazy...I'm not feeling very insecure.  All this blog therapy must be working.

First Wednesday of Every Month

Also, will probably host a guest blog on Dec 6.  Will post more about it on Monday.

Didn't mean to be long winded.  Take care, everyone. :)



Hello there bloggeroos and Happy Monday!

I can say those words with glee because I decided to give myself an extra vacation day today.  That's right.  I'm still home.  As a matter of fact, I shamefully rolled out of bed at 10AM.  I haven't done that in ages.

Now you'd think I've been partying all this time.  In reality I've been staying up late watching Christmas movies.  Now that we have Direct TV (and they should pay me for this free advertizement) we have Hallmark Channel along with Lifetime and all those other cool stations that are showing tear-jerker Christmas movies.

I'll be hopping around and visiting in just a few minutes, but first I think this is the perfect moment to give everyone...well, the bird.









Nightie Knight - $12.95
A super sweet, grapey red wine. Perfect for those cold nights curled up in front of the fireplace. Made with the sweet wine lover in mind.
For those of you who live in Nebraska, it is sold at the Council Bluffs Hyvee as well as the above listed winery.  Sorry for all of you who will be missing out.  Trivia:  Did you know dessert wines although very sweet actually have the highest percentage of alcohol.  Not to worry...you can't even taste the stuff.  :)


Remember that Holiday Blog Hop I entered, which was highly entertaining.  Well, I won this.

You are not alone
Discover how Lauren Kate transformed the feeling of that one mean girl getting under her skin into her first novel, how Lauren Oliver learned to celebrate ambiguity in her classmates and in herself, and how R.L. Stine turned being the “funny guy” into the best defense against the bullies in his class.
Today’s top authors for teens come together to share their stories about bullying—as silent observers on the sidelines of high school, as victims, and as perpetrators—in a collection at turns moving and self-effacing, but always deeply personal.

Is that cool or what?  I plan on reading it immediately.  Thank you to Jenny at http://jennysimaginaryworld.blogspot.com/ and Megan at  http://megandolan.blogspot.com/ and to all the participants who made the bloghop so much fun.


TODAY IS CYBER MONDAY...which turns me into a complete cyber whore...another reason why I'm late this morning.  So I bought cute little KINDLE.

This means I can finally read all of your books without straining my eyes on my laptop.

FINALLY: And I will not take up more of anyone's time.  Unikorna asked to see a picture of me cooking the turkey at my kitchen.  Unfortunately, I didn't get her comment until after Thanksgiving and no pictures were taken.  I will, however, give it my best for Christmas.

So how about a cute pic of me and hubs at fancy smansy piano bar instead.

No he doesn't play the piano, but each time I see this picture I like to pretend.

See you all around.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Did anyone do Black Friday?




Are you really going to eat me?


Short and sweet here.  I'm taking Thanksgiving week off.  Everyone have a good one and enjoy time with your families.  I will have tons to say when I return.



Hello fellow bloggers.  First of all I'd like to thank all of you for all your well wishes and emails.  You are all too awesome for words!!!

Now on to the blog hop.
Jenny from  Jenny's Imaginary World is having this blog hop.  I'm posting this a little early.  It's not till the 15th.  250-words of a cute holiday story.  I cheated, couldn't get my top muse to shut up.  And I try not to butt heads with Helen.  Anyway, I'm close to 500-words, which kinda disqualifies me, but this is for fun, to meet new bloggers, and to encourage everyone to check out Jenny's blog.

Anyway, nothing spells warm and fuzzy like family, friendship, and kids.  And because I just couldn't help myself, I tossed in a fantastical twist.  Hope you all like it.

Devin leaned against the window sill while fingering the rim of his baseball cap, his sole focus the sound of the children outside.  There were three girls about his age, playing hide-and-seek.  One of them laughed, and the sound evoked a similar bubbling in his throat.  Her two friends ran and hid as she counted.  He held his breath, waiting for her to give chase and aching to join them.  More than anything, he needed a friend.

"Dad, why did we move?"

The older man fussed with the pages of the morning paper before setting it down on the table.  "Devin, you've asked me that question every day for a month.  And my answer is still the same.  You're ten now, and that means you're starting to show.  We have to keep the secret.  At least here we have a chance at a fresh beginning, with new people."

"But we're so alone."

"Just give it time, son.  Look, the season is changing.  Soon we'll see snow on the ground and the holidays will be upon us.  They celebrate something called Christmas here.  You get presents and..."

Devin tuned out the rest of the conversation because the redheaded girl laughed again, a musical sound that reminded him of his big sister--before she was captured.  He had to meet her.  Placing the baseball cap on his head, he crammed down his antennas.  Then he hurried outside, running smack into the girl and sending the baseball cap flying.

He watched her lips part with surprise.  A million thoughts raced through his head, but no excuse or lie could cover the dangling proof of his ancestry.  Maybe they could make her forget like they did the others.  It was a simple procedure.

"Oh, you're one of us," the girl said.

"What?"  He searched her head for signs of antennae, but there were none.  "You look nothing like me.  You're not even green."

"But I am like you."  With delicate fingers she brushed fine crimson locks aside, revealing a set of pointed ears.  "After a year we transform on this planet.  This is all that's left of my antennas."

"You're a darkling too?"

She smiled, revealing two rows of pearly-white teeth.  "The natives call us fairies." 

A knot formed in his throat.  "I'm Devin," he said, lifting his hand to touch her. 

She reached out her hand and brushed the tips of his fingers.  "I'm Ivy."

The other two girls came out of hiding.  They studied the pea-colored boy on the ground and sent their friend matching inquisitive glances. 

Ivy laced her fingers with Devin's and said, "These are my sisters, Axia and Nola."  To her sisters she said, "This is Devin, my new friend."

They bunched around him.  Their proximity enveloped him like a cozy blanket, reminding him of home.  Ivy hugged him.

And his heart grew wings.

Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends who help give my heart wings!



Hey there fellow bloggers.  This is Monday's post.  I signed up for Elizabeth Mueller's book launch.  Check it out.  It looks like an awesome read.

♥.•*¨Elizabeth¨*•.♥ award winning author
Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell releases Halloween 2011!
Now, our spectacular author asked us to answer one question.  If we had all the magic in the world, what would we do with it?
Well, I'm sitting here on a Saturday night writing this, on my bed, with a severe attack of plantar fasciitis (like walking on knives), and this is what I could come up with.

If I had all the magic in the world I’d conjure up a pair of wings and take a flight.  I’d navigate the airways like a pro.  I’d wave hello to angels and spear through stormy clouds.  That’s if I had all the magic in the world.

If I had all the magic in the world I’d bring back the unicorn and take it for a ride near crystal waters.  Once there I’d yell a loud hurray, a summons to gnomes and fairies to come and play.  That’s if I had all the magic in the world.

If I had all the magic in the world I’d use it to travel back in time and play the damsel in distress in King Arthur’s kingdom.  I’d wear a lovely dress, make use of my duress, and ensnare a handsome knight.  That’s if I had all the magic in the world.

If I had all the magic in the world I’d fabricate a dragon from a ball of clay and teach it to eat kibble and play fetch.  I’d make myself a hammock from his wing and name him Teddy.  That’s if I had all the magic in the world. 

If I had all the magic in the world I’d banish all the barriers between realms and play Parcheesi with an elf, Backgammon with a nymph, and Chess with a Satyr.  That’s if I had all the magic in the world.

If I had all the magic in the world I’d send out a homing beacon to other planets to lure friendly aliens out of hiding.  Then we’d sit and drink some tea while discussing the state of the galaxy.  That’s if I had all the magic in the world.

If I had all the magic in the world I would do much…but I don’t have all the magic in the world. so I’ll be human for just a little while and wield my only power, that of love, and hope I can give magic to the world.

 http://elizabethmueller.blogspot.com  Check out her site for other entries.  Will be blog hopping this week, visiting friends I've been neglecting, and posting on Wednesday, which I think is Insecure Writers Day.  Happy week!


Anybody know an instant cure for plantar fasciitis?  I'm in tears here.



Hello all!

I was plain lazy when I returned from my trip and didn't even turn on my PC. Heck, I haven't even been writing.

But never fear, I've hopped around to visit a few of you and will be making my rounds soon.

Well it seems it's already the week of the 24th, and time for this...

Please visit their sites to check out the other posts.

I have a clear picture in my head of what my main characters look like, for that reason it was really hard to find matching photos on the net. Still, I gave it my best. Here they are.

CRAVEN: King of Pantheas, a planet in another realm. He possesses the power to travel the psyche. His ambition: to lead his people into evolution while combatting a physical threat, fretting over the woman who broke his heart and another mind-bloggling female who's connected to him in ways he can't begin to image. He's not quite human, but if he were...hmm.

Take the green eyes from guy #1 (ditch the skinny physique), replace with the brawn from guy #2 (except someone needs to put some hair on his chest. What's the infatuation with men going hairless?), add the sheer manliness of Antonio Banderas, but make him really tall. Throw in a few spots in select areas. Voila.

THEODORA: Primary soul and angel pupil. Harbors a clear obsession for Craven and the people of his realm. Her goal: to keep him from harm and eventually claim a place at his side as his queen. She's human most of the time, but I haven't given her a face. If you've read my story you'd understand why I feel it's not fair to do so. I even considered opting for this...

But if I made her look like someone, she would be average, nothing terribly special to make her stand out. She'd be someone everyone could relate to...a woman with a lot of good and a little bit of darkness. (After all, she was a self-professed goddess at one time.) This is the best I could come up with.

So there you have it. I'd like to thank the ladies who hosted this blog hop. It was really fun. And I will visit everyone else by Thursday.
Have a great week! ...^-^...



Hey there bloggeroos!!!  Hope everyone is having a splendid week!

If you've noticed I've been messing with my blog design to insert all the awards I've been receiving lately...yup, I finally figured out how to stick them in there.  Except I can't get my Twitter link to work right.  Oh well, will figure that one out when I have more time.

Now, on to cool stuff:

Did anybody read this article?

OMAHA, Neb. --

Several people from the Omaha area called KETV to report seeing the object about 3:24 a.m. A security camera at the Lincoln airport seemed to capture the mystery object moving at a fast rate above the horizon.

People also called the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office after the object appeared and then disappeared in the sky.

"There was a large flash of light. The caller thought it might be a meteorite of some sort. And we got a couple of different calls on the object," Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

Deputies rushed to where callers thought the object may have landed -- some six miles outside of Lincoln.

"[We] were unable to locate any debris or damage," Wagner said.

There were reports that the object was seen as far away as southwest Minnesota.

Of course they didn't locate any debris...it's just my relatives visiting.  They're sitting on my sofa write now.  And I'll tell you, folks form the home planet really love ice cream.

Also a quick note to let you all know I will be on a tour tomorrow.  I will not have access to a PC till probably sometime on Monday.  To all of those who normally post on Fridays...sorry, I won't be here but I will catch up when I get back.

And finally.  Many of you have requested I post a pic of this guy.  (Little hairy guy on my desk who now looks like Boy George.)  Here he is.

I'll be seeing you all next week.

Have an awesome weekend!  ...^-^...
Many people reported seeing a bright flash of light moving across the sky early Wednesday, but it's unclear what it was exactly.



Hey there blogger buds.  I've been so busy lately I've neglected to pass on way cool awards.  Where are my manners?

Aldrea at   http://thardrandia.blogspot.com/ gave me this. Hmm, yummy, but strawberries go better with chocolate.

Thank you.

E. Arroyo at http://chandarawrites.blogspot.com/  gave me this.  And I do love blogging...to a point.  I'm happy to have met all of you.

Thank you.

Julie at http://gypsyjulesinmysoul.blogspot.com/  gave me this.  I could describe the different attributes of fire, but fire just makes me hungry...so it's only fitting I offer a recipe on this one. 

Thank you.

Alternate Recipe to Beef Stew.

1/2 lb meat
2 or 3 potatoes (depends of how much you like potatoes)
10 sliced Spanish olives
1/2 sliced onion
5 to 7 cloves of garlic
1/2 to a whole green pepper
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup white cooking wine (taste remainder, toss in a little extra squirt for good measures)
squirt of olive oil
Cover with a layer of:
All season salt
salt and pepper to taste
1 can of 8 oz tomato sauce
Mix in large pot and let cook until meat and potatoes are tender.
Serve over white rice.  Good for seconds.  Hubs swears by it.

Tara at http://taratylertalks.blogspot.com/ tagged me.  She gave me this.  I always get a kick out of being tagged because I never know what to do with it.  So in a little bit I'll tell you more deep dark secrets about myself.

Sia McKye at http://siamckye.blogspot.com/  stopped by to let me know I won a $10.00 gift card to Amazon.com.  I've yet to get my butt over there and collect the card.

Thank you.

First, I'm mentioning 15 blogs I frequent because I have the privilege to consider these people friends.  I'm not mentioning anyone I mentioned on the blog hop.  For those of you I left off the list, please accept my apologies.  I will mention you next time.

1. Unikorna  http://unikorna.blogspot.com  I love her honesty and her ability to speak her mind.
2. Mary http://mpaxauthor.blogspot.com  Every visit to her blog makes me feel like I'm  out in space.
3. Botanist  http://thebaldpatch.blogspot.com  He's a great Sci-Fi writer and an awesome artist.
4. Lydia  http://lydiakang.blogspot.com  She offers the most fascinating interviews.
5. Shelly  http://shellysnovicewritings.blogspot.com  Her posts offer variety...not all about writing.
6. Eve   http://thedesertrocks.blogspot.com Special lady alert.  We visit each other through email.
7. Bryce  http://brycedaniels.blogspot.com  Bryce shares his body with a poet.
8. Rusty  http://rustywebb.blogspot.com  His blogs are highly informative.
9. Madeleine  http://rustywebb.blogspot.com  I love her romance.
10. Al  http://alpenwasser.blogspot.com  He has a great sense of humor.  Seriously, he cracks me up, and such a funny commenter.
11. laughinwolf  http://laughing1wolf.blogspot.com  The blog speaks for itself.  He's funny.
12. Mike  http://protecttherisen.blogspot.com  He's been absent from the blogging world for a while, but I'm sure he'll be back.  Mike's cool and a gifted writer.
13. PK http://pk-hrezo.blogspot.com  Great fun lady.  Blogs about her progress.
14. Doralynn  http://dlynnkennedy.blogspot.com  Last I heard she was a little under the weather, but she's writes a pretty awesome blog.
15. Heather  http://littleredhenry.blogspot.com  She a wonderful artist, a sweet person, and a pleasure to be around.

Now some stuff about me.

1. I've recently pondered the idea of having a baby.  Hubs vetoed my suggestion to send off to the homeworld for a specimen capsule, stating that he is more than capable of doing the deed.  He also refuses to let me have a cat.  Negotiations are in process.

2. I write because I love it.  There was a time I needed the success and the glory.  The thing that pushed me was the idea that I would one day be a published author.  Now I find myself thinking how wonderful it is that I just write and that one day others will read my stories, but also how wonderful it is that I'm surrounded by a wonderful family, that I get to see the sunrise or stare at the starts at night.  I couldn't imagine making it through a single day without smiling at the sound of a barking dog.  Life is entirely lovely.

3.  I'm remodeling my house.  It's funny but somehow when you reach a certain age there are things that need to be done.  So I'm stripping carpet, tiling, wooden floors, the works.  And I just bought the coolest sofa and love seat ever.

4.  I find comfort in the color of an eggplant.

5.  I don't eat red meat.  (The stew above can also be made with chicken.)

6.  I always wanted to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle secretly hoping it led to an alternate plane of existence.

7.  I have a hairy guy on a stick on my desk.  When you press down on him, he says, "Boy, do I feel great.  It's going to be a stress free day today."  The spite the little bastard I put makeup on him.  Now he looks like Boy George.

Well, that's it blogger buds.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  I will be stopping by to say hi.




Hey there fellow bloggeroos!  Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Thank you all for being so patient during my critiquing period.  For those of you that left me a comment anyway, you are so sweet!  I do appreciate it.  For those of you who decided to follow me, big welcome!  If I have not followed you back yet, please leave me a comment to set me straight.

I started off the morning with a chuckle so I thought I'd share it.  I keep my cell phone on my desk.  My ringer is set to the Pink Panther theme for everybody.  I was sitting here minding my own business when the phone rang.  Hubs always calls me a few times throughout the day to get his Laila fix.  Well, I grabbed the phone and in my best hot porn star voice said, "Hello there sexy."  There was a brief pause on the other end of the line.  Then a woman giggled and said, "I'm sorry, I have the wrong number."  And we laughed.  I added two years to her life and mine.  At this rate I'll live forever.

Now to the matter at hand.

These two highly intelligent manly specimens:

Alex at http://alexjcavanaugh.blogspot.com/ and Matthew at  http://theqqqe.blogspot.com/ devised a plan that would enable us to meet other bloggers and ride up the ladder to bloggingdom.  They came up with this blog fest.

I'm supposed to list three blogs I visit and enjoy.  Well, I visit a heck of a lot more than three, so here's what I'm doing.  Today (pretend it's Friday already) I will list the three manned by the ladies who have been a great inspiration in my writerly life.  Besides, we've exchanged the occasional email and that's pretty cool.  In alphabetical order by last name I give you....

Carrie Butler from http://soyoureawriter.blogspot.com  Carrie is smarter than heck and she writes the best flowing conversations I've ever read.

Lisa Regan at http://lisalregan.blogspot.com  Lisa is a highly talented agented writer waiting to find her novel a home.  She has tons of knowledge to offer.

Apparently, these two ladies have teamed up with a third party to host the blog hop below.  Check out Carrie's blog for more info.

And last but not least, Nancy Thompson at http://nancysthompson.blogspot.com  Nancy focuses on her journey to getting published.  She gives us hope, and she is an awesome writer.  She's also responsible for the fact that I am now following people on Twitter.  I'll have to do a practice run. :)  Great Heavens!

Next week, I will possibly participate on the above blog hop and pass on a few awards.  In that way I can name a ton of other blogs that I have missed.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be around following and visiting.  ...^-^...