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Now, on to cool stuff:

Did anybody read this article?

OMAHA, Neb. --

Several people from the Omaha area called KETV to report seeing the object about 3:24 a.m. A security camera at the Lincoln airport seemed to capture the mystery object moving at a fast rate above the horizon.

People also called the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office after the object appeared and then disappeared in the sky.

"There was a large flash of light. The caller thought it might be a meteorite of some sort. And we got a couple of different calls on the object," Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

Deputies rushed to where callers thought the object may have landed -- some six miles outside of Lincoln.

"[We] were unable to locate any debris or damage," Wagner said.

There were reports that the object was seen as far away as southwest Minnesota.

Of course they didn't locate any debris...it's just my relatives visiting.  They're sitting on my sofa write now.  And I'll tell you, folks form the home planet really love ice cream.

Also a quick note to let you all know I will be on a tour tomorrow.  I will not have access to a PC till probably sometime on Monday.  To all of those who normally post on Fridays...sorry, I won't be here but I will catch up when I get back.

And finally.  Many of you have requested I post a pic of this guy.  (Little hairy guy on my desk who now looks like Boy George.)  Here he is.

I'll be seeing you all next week.

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Many people reported seeing a bright flash of light moving across the sky early Wednesday, but it's unclear what it was exactly.