Something Different for a Friday.

For anyone who's read Heaven is for Real, I've posted the art gallery belonging to the little girl (child prodigy) who painted these amazing prints.  She and the boy who wrote the book swear up and down that her picture of Jesus is what he actually looks like.  I don't know how true it is, but her paintings are lovely.  (what can I say.  I'm a closet artist.)

Also, for any of you who have been following the flood, I've posted some pictures.  An ocean in Omaha?

            This is the Ameristar Casino in Iowa.  I can see this from my building at work.

This is the inside of the building.


Parking Lot

Pretty Impressive.

At one time Nebraska had an ocean running through it.
There are even sharks in the museum.

I'm glad I live in Bellevue.

Have a great weekend.