Fisherman's Blog

I spent the entire weekend camping, often pausing to consider what the main characters in my fantasy novel would think about such a passtime.  How would my hero tackle fishing, watching a sunset, going for walks?  How would my heroine juggle cooking breakfast, grilling, socializing with the local campers?  Would they double up on an ATV?  That would be cute, romantic even.  Here are a few pics of my fun weekend.

                                         This has plenty to do with writing.  Conflict: Man against nature.

                                          See.  I battled.  I won.  No lake fish puts up a better
                                          fight than a bass.  I tossed him back.  Conflict.

                                          This one just made me smile.

                                          Nature -vs- Nature.  Or the turtle was just cute.

                                         I just couldn't resist a great pic. 

                                         Stay tuned tomorrow for update on my current WIP.