The Private World of Darkness.jpg
Remember this picture.  Do any of you watch the Twilight Zone? 

I watch the marathon the 31st of each December while sipping wine and eating pizza, and each time I do, I find myself in awe of the writers. 

It is the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy combo I've ever seen.  Before Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5 came Twilight Zone.

The twists keep you at the edge of your seat.  What luscious imagination.  It moves me.  The belief that there is something out there aside from reality as we know it has always rendered me speechless...and that's hard to do.

This particular episode is one of my favorites.  "The Eye of the Beholder".  This poor girl is beside herself with grief because she looks nothing like the majority of the other inhabitants of her planet.  They're all ugly creatures with pig noses, so they send her off to a colony of gorgeous people to live in exile.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Another of my favorites is about a writer who brings characters to life just by writing.  They materialize before his eyes.  He's been married to a woman all his life...and he made her up.  Wouldn't that be totally awesome?!  I write, therefore I am...and so is he, and she, etc.

That's what I'd like to achieve in my writing, to make the story so real that the reader will get sucked in and not ever want to leave. 

Honestly, no one writes like the Twilight Zone any longer.  The main concern of each writer is with the market.  How can we get out books out there?  What do we have to change?  How many hoops do we have to leap through?  Is the market going to crash altogether and leave us using our manuscripts for wallpaper?  What happened to just write and darn good story?

So, any thoughts?  Any favorite episodes that spark your imagination?  Any bit of info you'd like to supply about anything?  Do you just want to chat?  It's been two days.  I'm jonesing.  :)

Have a great day everyone!