Hello all!

I was plain lazy when I returned from my trip and didn't even turn on my PC. Heck, I haven't even been writing.

But never fear, I've hopped around to visit a few of you and will be making my rounds soon.

Well it seems it's already the week of the 24th, and time for this...

Please visit their sites to check out the other posts.

I have a clear picture in my head of what my main characters look like, for that reason it was really hard to find matching photos on the net. Still, I gave it my best. Here they are.

CRAVEN: King of Pantheas, a planet in another realm. He possesses the power to travel the psyche. His ambition: to lead his people into evolution while combatting a physical threat, fretting over the woman who broke his heart and another mind-bloggling female who's connected to him in ways he can't begin to image. He's not quite human, but if he were...hmm.

Take the green eyes from guy #1 (ditch the skinny physique), replace with the brawn from guy #2 (except someone needs to put some hair on his chest. What's the infatuation with men going hairless?), add the sheer manliness of Antonio Banderas, but make him really tall. Throw in a few spots in select areas. Voila.

THEODORA: Primary soul and angel pupil. Harbors a clear obsession for Craven and the people of his realm. Her goal: to keep him from harm and eventually claim a place at his side as his queen. She's human most of the time, but I haven't given her a face. If you've read my story you'd understand why I feel it's not fair to do so. I even considered opting for this...

But if I made her look like someone, she would be average, nothing terribly special to make her stand out. She'd be someone everyone could relate to...a woman with a lot of good and a little bit of darkness. (After all, she was a self-professed goddess at one time.) This is the best I could come up with.

So there you have it. I'd like to thank the ladies who hosted this blog hop. It was really fun. And I will visit everyone else by Thursday.
Have a great week! ...^-^...