I've been reading Writer's Market, and after Nancy's post on Stats I'm considering the concept of building a platform and social networking. That's something we're expected to do as writers to promote ourselves because things are so different now. It sounds like a lot of hard work. Now, I'm not squawking and definitely up for it, but I do have a few questions.

Everyone who is anyone is on Facebook, except me.

I've been encouraged, coaxed and begged, but the whole privacy issue holds me back. Once you post something on facebook, regardless of how well you block it, it can still be hacked. I do not kid you. I work with fraudulent cases. If they can't hack into your stuff they will leap onto your friend's facebook and explore your privacy there. Be careful what you post.

I'm a writer.

Once my books get published, people might want to know about me, so that tosses privacy out the window.
What about Twitter? I have a Twitter account I never use because I'm concerned that it's going to take too much time away from everything else.

Also, I'm not quite sure how to use it.

My questions are for those of you out there who have Facebook or Twitter. Do you like it? Do you use it often? What do you use it for?

I basically say what I have to say for the day on my blog because when wound up properly I can ramble on and on. Granted, only writers visit the blog, whereas something life Facebook could attract a myriad of individuals. I blog at work so that it doens't affect my writing or family life. I can read comments on my phone. It's great.

So...any words of advice from those more learned than I?