I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled program to ask bloggers a question.

If any of you remember this, I'm an active member of the Fun Committee here at work.  I need some ideas on what to do with these people to make them have fun.  I'm speaking of individuals who are constantly glued to a PC monitor and want to get away.  So, any suggestions...other than liquor? 

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

In other to fashion a perfect world we have to entice the senses. So often we focus on what we can see, but how radiant exactly are the colors?

They say pictures are worth a thousand words.

Observe below, a world out of my dreams.

Best costume ever.

What can you tell me about this picture?  Use your senses.

Pretend this is your main character.
Put yourself inside your character's mind.

What does this scenery look like to you?

What feelings does it conjure up?

Does it remind you of anything from your past?

What does the air smell like?

What does the water taste like?

Are you touching anything?

What effect does any of this have on your own skin?

This is an exercise I try to remind myself to follow when I'm writing.  Just thought I'd share it today.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! :)


  1. I'd suggest a meet up at a coffee shop.

    The image is very evocative of the Roman Baths in Bath, the warm healing water, imbued with the smell of mystical powers, excitement, promise, enchantment. Great pic. :O)

  2. @Madeleine. The Roman Baths, I'd forgotten about that. I inserted a piece about the baths in one of my WIPs. The very idea is highly erotic. :)

  3. Take your coworkers bowling, out to eat, or go to a movie. Those always work:)

  4. Bowling can be great fun, especially if everyone is a relative novice at it. Laughs ensue. Just don't fall on your ah ... pride as I did, after not having bowled for some years!

  5. Yeah, bowling's a blast, an expensive blast, but still fun. AND you can get alcohol! As for the picture, I wouldn't know where to begin. I don't have a fantasy writer bone in my body. Now if he was, say, trying to sell someone to Russian sex traffickers, I'd have no problem. Having read your stuff,I know you would blow that scene away!

  6. Hi guys, not feeling like my chipper self today so a little late in commenting. We did the bowling last year, which was a blast. Alex, movie night actually does sound like fun. We'd have to make it during the day though. Hmm, that would be cool...will suggest it. Thank you all. :)

  7. During the winter we have pool table parties starting at noon on Sundays. We each bring some food, something that matches if Mary's making stew for instance. It's Mary's pool table out in her cabin. I might bring bannock, somebody else brings buns, someone else dessert. Yes, it's about food.

    We play a quarter a game with a deck of cards. If I draw a 5, 9, Jack, and 2 4, then that means when it's my turn, I have to sink the twos, 5, eleven ball etc. And if you're holding 2 Jacks, then you get to lay them down. First person without cards wins the pot.

    You don't have to be a good pool player to win anything.

    But this game is for winter when it's too cold to do much outside.

    I've got my thinking cap on for something else.

    As for the picture... I don't have enough time otherwise I could probably write a book. I am a writer after all. I'm due to read from my new book at Books & Co this evening. It's a hour drive. Yes, that's more than you asked, but hey, I'm full of info today. Cheers!

  8. Hello there! I've just popped over here to your beautiful magical blog to say thank you for my lovely award! It's very kind of you, thank you.

    As for suggestions for your outing, maybe Karaoke? Or Bowling? :-)

    Good luck! Have fun! Thanks for sharing your very helpful writerly exercise too.

    take care

  9. Minigolf, put put, laser tag, paintball, etc.
    Nice pic... Reminds me of an old game folks use to play on forums. First person writes, then next poster adds more lines, etc. It was always fun seeing where the story would go.
    (For example)

    Evfrin lost track of time as her thoughts lingered on her brother Davil. Three days had past and still there was no sign of him. Did the Maflies take him prisoner? She couldn't bare the thought of it.

  10. I found your blog through a link on Alex's blog. I guess beer pong is out for work.

  11. Wow, great insight and awesome presentation… even I can see how this would work well during composing.

  12. Ah, that picture makes me feel cool and refreshed. Nice exercise.

    Is the weather nice over there? Get those computer geeks outside! (A walk/hike, bike ride, swim in a lake...)? Can you tell I'm a Californian?


  13. What a beautiful picture! I love that it's animated. The moving water is so tranquil. :)

    As for the Fun Committee, I've found that "childish" activities generally appeal to those coped up in offices, e.g. bowling, ice cream, putt-putt, etc. I worked for an engineering firm a few years ago and someone in marketing arranged for an ice cream truck to stop by. For how quickly the building emptied, you would've thought the place was on fire!

  14. @Joylene. Thanks for the info. I emailed you since my PC was off for the night. Hope you had a fun book reading. :)

    @Kitty. Thank you so much for stopping over and your lovely words. It would be a riot to see so many people singing karaoke. :)

    @Mike. Man would I love to shoot a few people with a paintball gun. :) Adding lines to someone else's story would be fun. I remember playing something like that in school.

    @Susan. Welcome! I've seen what executives turn into when they drink. Althought it would be fun to just sit back and laugh, I think we'll have to skip the beer pong. :)

    @I'm glad you liked it, Jeff. It really was a lovely picture, one of those you can stare at for hours. :)

    @Robyn. I have a sister-in-law who lives in Santa Monica. Nothing quite like visiting her place and spending hours walking to the beach or peer...love it. :) The weather here has been pretty hot.

    @Carrie. Ice cream truck. That was a nice gesture. We recently had a Mexican food day in which everyone got to play a minute to win it games. It was darn funny. :)


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