Fantasy Pictures

As a fantasy writer I'm expected to keep an open mind about certain things, so naturally there are a lot of creatures running around inside my head.  In order to remain focused, I keep a stash of pictures. 

I thought I'd share a few today.

                                      UNICORNS  (nothing says magic like
                                                                           a unicorn.)
                                       MOMMY, CAN I RIDE IT,HUH?

                                   I would love this costume for Halloween.

                                                   SEXY BADASS ANGEL.

                                                Pretty Fairy

                                                 DARK WIZARD

                                           another great costume.

Semi-nude warrior women.


Mommy can I...never mind.

This guy reminds me of He-Man.  I wanna ride that saber toothed cat.

OOhh, definitely wanna ride cool dragon.


Pretty Castle
(Usual setting for most fantasies.)


Get em elf girl.
(Her unicorn's been eating kibbles.)

I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley, or out in the open for that matter.

Cool alien girl.
(I wonder if she used aluminum foil for the costume.)

A story isn't complete without villains.

Have a great Tuesday and I hope everyone enjoyed the pics.  :)


  1. @E. Arroyo. Glad you like them. :)

  2. Definitely foil. Alien foil-it's made by the Aluminium foil elves at Reynolds.

  3. @Desert Rocks. They have Aluminum foil elves at Reynolds...ooohhh. :)

    @Eagle. I love dragons too...coolest creature. :)

  4. Love the Unicorn. I was obsessed with them for a great deal of my young life. I loved He-Man and She-Ra and had dolls. I wish I had kept my She-Ra doll. She was so cool!

  5. Greetings, my dear Laila!

    Coupla things.

    Nothing is quite so magical as a unicorn, yes, I think she did utilize tin foil for the costume and YES, a story ain't a story without villains.

  6. @Lisa. You liked He-man and She-ra?! I sat through every episode and taped them on VHS. Now I can't watch a single one cause I have DVDs. LOL. They were my favorite babysitters. Oh, don't get me started. :) Now I have to watch it on Netflix.

    @Suze. Greetings to you. Glad you were able to clarify the whole aluminum foil thing. Unicorns are pretty awesome, especially if they have wings.

  7. Awesome photos! More chicks, please.

  8. Great pictures, Laila. My favorite is the semi-nude warrior man. I bet mommy was gawking at him too.
    PS Feel free to call me Robyn since my screen name is ridiculously long and weirdly spelled.

  9. I fantasize about living in a beautiful castle. I know that they were probably cold and not nearly as charming as my imagination has them. There is always a hidden passage or two plus the obligatory hidden rooms. However, the older I get the fewer men are in this fantasy. It seems that old men don't look that great in armor. kt

  10. @Alex. Will do my best. There might be a girl for you tomorrow. :)

    @Robyn. That is so much better than Rawk. I'll have to say that's my favorite too. That artist too her time. :)

    @Kt. I want to live in a castle too. And you could play a cougar well if you really wanted too. ;)

  11. "Mommy can I...never mind." Bahaha! I was thinking the same thing. Fun post today! :)

  12. Unicorns rule. it's the truth.

  13. I'm all about semi-nude warrior men. Riding unicorns. With a badass angel. As long as I'm the angel ;)

  14. Lovely pictures. Makes me want to get my paintbrushes out again, but then I'd probably have to stop writing :(

  15. Where can I get me some of those semi-nude warrior women?

  16. @Carrie, I knew we were like-minded. :)

    @Timothy, that's the truth...must watch the Last Unicorn. :)

    @Julie. You took the thoughts right out of my mind. :)

    @Botanist. I had no idea you painted, would love to see some of your art. :)

    @Al. It seems the semi-nude people are attracting the most attention...and the unicorn, but the horn could be symbolic. :)

  17. @Jeff. I'm glad you liked them. :)

  18. Laila, you already have done, every time you visit my blog! And there's a "Words and pictures" tab at the top which takes you to a few paintings.

  19. I never, ever thought I could find an angel I could relate to, but now I have. ~Mary

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