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Stuck in Wonderland?

Did you ever get the feeling that what's going on around you isn't real?  We go through the motions.  We get up in the morning, work, tend to all the routine and dayly activities, and it happens over and over again.  We choose our careers, who we're going to marry, our homes, surroundings, even our friends. 


It's an ongoing tea party.
And we know these guys have been spiking the tea.

But what if the real us is actually in a place that looks like this?

Trading ideas with the fox and the rabit that's always running late.

And reminiscing with the bookworm and his bong.

How real is this thing called life as we know it?

Are we a product of another writer's imagination?
Or are we in fact writing our own story as we go along?
As the years go by will the edits make us better?

Will we ever reach a stopping point?
Or are we one continuous work in progress?

These are all important questions.

What if one day we wake up from that dream in Wonderland and discover that none of it was real.


All this time I've actually looked like this.

And I came from this place.

Maybe reality itself is only a matter of perspective.

So let's go out there on this fabulous Monday and enjoy the life we have and most important,
let's write our very best story. 


Have a great day!


  1. I bet you had fun finding all those pics. No offense but thank goodness you weren't the writer who thought me up, else I'd have eyeballs on stalks. Although, I guess if everyone had stalked eyes it wouldn't feel so weird... and I reckon they could be quite useful... So never-mind write away. :)

  2. If there is some writer thinking up my life as we speak, their manuscript completely sucks. Reading the back of a cereal box would be more riveting. Come on, where are the explosions? The gratuitous sex scenes? The worldwide adventures while being chased by zombies and shifters?

  3. We are one continuous work in progress. My dad is 100, so I guess there is more work to be donel...........kt

  4. @Mike. On the contrary. I would never interfere with the perfection of masculine virility. That would just be wrong. If I wrote you, you'd be so hot. ;)

    @Julie. You're telling me you don't have a sexy vampire sleeping under your bed and a horny werewolf in the closet ready to fend off the zombies and offer all the benefits of gratuituous sex? Why didn't you say so earlier? I'll hook you up. :)

    @Kt. Is your dad 100 really or just older than dirt? Definitely more work to be done, but I think the story will continue even after he dumps the earthly flesh for good. :)

  5. I am becoming convinced we are both observer and observed.

  6. An inspiring post! If by any chance you discover you're writing all of our journeys, can you add a few inches to my height? ;)

  7. I am right-brained, as well.
    In other words, people who like Math aren't in their right minds.

  8. If my life is actually some writer's manuscript, I'd like to meet the guy, or gal, and thank him, or her, for their sense of humor.

    I'd also like to suggest a few revisions.

    Interesting post! How long did it take you to come up with all the cool pics?

  9. I loved that line "As the years go by will the edits make us better?" That's very poetic. I've pondered the same things myself. Great post.

  10. If I'm someone's dream, hope they wake up soon!

  11. Very encouraging words. I've always felt that we largely create our own reality with our own perspectives and experiences. If we're in a dream that's where we are and we might as well make the most of it.

  12. I'm participating in Alex's blogfest with you and figured I swing by, say hi, and yes follow you.

    So glad I did. Thanks for those inspirational words. Great way to start the week.

  13. @Suze. I'm all for being in more than one place at once...the things I could do. :)

    @Ellie. When I become the designated writer I'll make us both 5'7. Until then we can be fun-size. :)

    @Al. Great perspective. Someone should invent adding letters...wait, heck, they call that algebra. :)

    @Bryce. I would also give thanks for my life but add a few plot twists. The pics didn't take too long. Google is my hero. :)

    @TS. I'm glad you liked it. I'm trying to show blogger buddies and deeper side of me. :)

    @Taryn. I knew we were like-minded. The universe is a palet of many colors. Let's paint by number. :)

    @Isis. A pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the comment. Now I'll know to follow you too. Also, I love your name. :)

    @Alex. I'm sure your wife thinks you're a beautiful dream. And if there is a writer writing you, he/she gave you a great name. :)

  14. Thoughtful post:) I don't believe the universe has beginnings or endings, and the same goes for souls. Without going into too much detail...let's just say if it's a tea party, at least it's a good one:)

  15. @Mark. I agree. I could actually go on and on about the whole mataphysics issue, but in doing so would encounter endless contraversy I'm sure. :)

  16. Reality is absolutely control by our prospective. Your post made me think of a Robert Heinlein book where there characters find themselves going in and out of alternate universes that were created by the literary works of others.

    "And we know these guys have been spiking the tea."

    You been peekin', girl! That comment made me laugh.

  17. I've often felt like I had awakened in BIZARRO WORLD where everything is backwards! As for being a character in someone's novel, I wrote a blog serial, GHOST OF A CHANCE, where I was framed for the murder of the ghost of Ernest Hemingway and to run for my life through all the worlds I have created -- with the ghosts of Mark Twain and Marlene Dietrich for companions.

    I had fun writing it. Look in my sidebar for the picture of Marlene Dietrich with the title GHOST OF A CHANCE, hit your cursor over it, and read the first chapter. Roland

  18. Great post, Laila! I love playing around with this idea, it's so great. :) How cool will it be when we wake up to a higher, awesomer reality? :D Awesome.

  19. @Donna. That sounds amazing. Can you imagine hopping in and out of someone else's writing? I'd have to be given a choice of course. I was definitely peeking. :)

    @Roland. How imaginative of you. That had to be so time consuming...but with your ease of words I'm sure you can pull it off. Will check it out. :)

    @Bethany. I'm expecting any day now to wake up and amaze myself. :)

  20. Thank you for the inspiration! :-)

    Did you happen to see 'The Truman Show'? Not as poetic as your post, but a fun idea to play with nonetheless. :-)

  21. I'm with K.C. I always think my life is really The Truman Show.

  22. @WC. No, didn't see the Truman Show, did hear of it. Everyone tells me I'm poetic today. This is just the way I talk when I'm being deep. :)

    @LG. Controlled by someone else? Huh, I'd rather like to think I hold the reins. :)

  23. I entirely share your sense of not belonging to this world to this reality. Your delightful interpretations speak so much about how you really are. I don't know if you have children, but when/if you do, they will be crazy about their mom.

  24. It's me, Joylene. I don't see my blog below, but really, I don't want you to feel obligated either. But since you asked... gads, I hate this self-promotion stuff.

    Yes, I am a continuous work in process. I want my neck back though. My old neck. The one that didn't slide down to my feet. Ooh, that reminds me of all the other stuff that's slide down to my feet. Do I even have knees anymore???

    Don't look!

  25. alice.

    i remember thats beautiful n smart girl.

  26. yup, it's not always easy to keep up with followers. I try my best though.

    Great post. I like the way you think.

  27. I hate my job… that’s probably why I write so much; it acts as an escape—and hopefully, in the end, an escape from my 9 to 5 job as well.

    Very positive post, thx for sharing, and giving my hope!

  28. Nice selection of photos today. I find the whole theme of your blog very... therapeutic. I feel more peaceful already.

  29. Thought provoking post, Laila! This is like one of those endless loops. In fact, I could probably sit here with green tea and kill half an hour pondering it. Unfortunately, I have revisions to do. You know, torturing the characters that live in ~my~ wonderland. ;)

  30. You have the wildest imagination! How do come up with this stuff. I'd have to be on some pretty strong narcotics to dream that up. You're amazing! And that's what I love about you!!

  31. Did I ever get the feeling that what's going on around me isn't real? Of course I do. Of course, I have dissociative disorder..lol

  32. What a great way to look at life. With two children and a zealous imagination, I frequently find myself in Wonderland.

    Thank you for brightening my day.

  33. @Unikorna. Thank you. That was a sweet compliment. I have stepkids...promised myself that if I couldn't stay home to raise my kids then I wouldn't have any. :)

    @Joylene. I think I finally figured out what you meant. I need to fix my scroll at the bottom of the blog to include everybody. It's been a while since I updated it. :)

    @Riva. I don't think Alice was that cute. As a child I found it to be a horrible fairy tale. :)

    @Lynda. I can't imagine how you keep up. Thanks. :)

    @Jeff. I wish you the best so you start loving your life. Glad I could bring you hope. :)

    @Rusty. Always happy to offer therapy. See, I'm not all laughs. There is a deeper side to me. :)

    @Carrie. Yup, nothing like pretending to be in someone else's story...go torture your characaters. :)

    @Nancy. Well, thank you for the great compliment. Now I feel even better about myself. I'm just high on life. And you're pretty terrific yourself. :)

    @Tim. And to think some of us have to work at that. :)

    @Fi. Happy to brighten up your day. Life can get you all of us. :)

    @Kelley. Glad you liked it. :)

    Remember all, I will not be around until tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday.!

  34. You are a story my friend...a very interesting story unfolding in front of our eyes!

  35. What a great uplifting and thought-provoking post. Thanks, Laila!


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