I've been giving much thought to the upcoming Star Trek fest.  In truth, I can't seem to get the darn theme music out of my mind.  It's catchy, especially when I'm doing something that demands a lot of action. (da dadada dadada dadadadada da da dadada) See? (dadadada)  Okay, so the whole Star Trek thing brought up a few thoughts about world building, and then of course that just brought worlds in general into my head.  So let's start with something basic.

How many of us work around people?  I'm certain that although we are kind-hearted and friendly, there might just be someone out there that rubs us the wrong way.  There are a lot of inhabitants on this one planet, and we are so close, face to face, with each and every one of them that we lose sight of the bigger picture. 



 It's funny the behaviors we learn or are taught as we grow older.  As kids, we start out life untarnished. But...

                                         WHAT IF THIS WERE YOU?
Happy untroubled little baby.

Freakin cute baby alien.


But what if baby alien grows up and his society teaches him all the crap society teaches us?


How many of us would latch on to our petty differences if our entire planet were in peril?

Beautiful.  Isn't it?

I still roll my eyes when people tell me we're the only planet sustaining life.  Surely, in this vast universe, that is improbable.

So, having said all that and shown you pretty pictures, let's all take a moment to sing kumbaya, then go out into our planet on this fabulous Monday and appreciate our fellow man.  Have  a great day!



  1. Live long and prosper!
    And I'm stoked for the Star Trek blogfest.

  2. I love this post, especially the cute baby alien! And we can not be the only planet capable of supporting life.

    I'm looking forward to your Star Trek post!

    Ellie Garratt

  3. What a lovely post, Laila. See the heroes in their own stories all around us is a good approach.

    Am I to understands that you're somehow responsible for that meme going around? ;) Or were you tagged and just played along?

  4. I have the theme music to star trek as my ring tone for the hubby. Nerdy. And, there are at least two missions planned, one to a moon, one to a planet (I can't think of which ones) where there is water or water like substances where they think they'll find some form of life, most likely microbes. This is all in our solar system. It's a big universe.

  5. I love your sense of humor. I,too, believe it is improbable to be alone out there. I also noticed you are as well into fairies..I thought I was the last grown up lady interested in fees and pixies :).

  6. Interesting point. I guess war has already taught us that societies can unite for the common good or divide and fight/ siding with the enemy. I'd hate to be assimilated too. The song that keeps going through my head all the time is by The Firm called Star Treking! :O)

  7. That alien baby picture is creepy and adorable at the same time.

  8. What a thoughtful post! I can sit for hours imagining a flip-side world--either on earth or in another galaxy. Probably why I love paranormal/sci fi stuff.

  9. @Alex. I love it when someone knows what the Vulcan hand sign means. I'll bet yours will be awesome! :)

    @Ellie. Thank you. I'm glad you're hosting it. I'll have pictures...am already working on costume prospects. :)

    @Donna. Thank you, and I will absolutely not take the blame for the panty thing...I was tagged. :)

    @Libby. I think that is all wonderful. The best thing that could ever happen in my lifetime is an (good) alien invasion. :)

    @unikorna. Fairies are lovely. After watching Lord of the Rings and reading LK Hamilton's Merry Gentry series, I do like them, but for some reason I haven't written about them myself. Glad you like them too. :)

    @Madeleine. Funny thing about wars...we jot them down in our history books and yet we repeat them. I love that song...will have to listen to it now! :)

    @L.G. I thought the baby was cute. Did you ever watch that movie, Splice? Of course that's a lab originated alien baby, but it kinda reminds me of this own. :)

  10. What if each of us were just an electron around the same nucleus? In hurting another, we would actually be harming ourselves, wouldn't we? Spock told me this. LOL. Roland

  11. @Julie. I'm addicted to paranormal stuff too. BTW, I read your reply to my comment. You are hilarious. :)

    @Roland. You are so right. Humph, you would be channeling Spock. :)

  12. I love your blog and I love you for finding and following me - thanks to Al. What a guy! (Not sure what I'm going to do with the panty post. Do aliens wear panties? I don't see any on that baby but he/she/it is awfully cute!)
    Have a great day.

  13. Now you have put the Star Trek theme in my head.
    We are not alone. Why do people think we are?

  14. Nice reminder to "appreciate our fellow man." I think people forget to do that all too often.

    Also, that baby alien is pretty freakin' cute.

  15. I don't think we're alone in the universe, either. There are so many other galaxies out there, and who knows what those stars could support.

  16. I thought we were singing Kumbaya. Why am I the only one singing? Don't I feel silly now...

    Great post, Laila! :)

  17. @Rawk. We're going to leave it at that...having the darnest time spelling your name. :) Thank you for finding me right back and joining the party. WARNING: I like to chat and have been charged with excessive naughtiness.

    @Ruth. Good, then I won't be the only one humming the darn thing. I have a theory. People deny the existence of aliens because they're afraid of the unknown. :)

    @Mama. Yes they do. People can be darn right mean. Yes, baby is cute. :)

    @Eagle. I'm glad we're in agreement. It's always been my dream to shoot up into the stars secretly believing myself to have been dumped here by aliens. :)

  18. @Carrie. Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya. I'm usually the only one singing too. :)

  19. great post. I am also a big Star Trek fan. More of a Pickard guy than a Kirk guy myself, but love it all none the less.

  20. I like bigger pictures. They are very humbling.

    With all the diversity of carbon-based life on Earth, including highly intelligent species like dolphins and octopus, I still want to know why all aliens are slightly-deformed humans.

  21. I appreciate you silly, even if you are naughty!
    Have you seen Mike Saxton's blog and William Kendall at Speak of the Devil? Two very manly men who stepped up to the underwear caper. Oh and Kt at Outofmymind and Donna Weaver and Beth and Christina-sheesh, you really started something!

  22. We are not alone... great post!

  23. Star Trek! I'm signed up too. The baby alien is cute.

  24. I love everything Star Trek. So much I'd even let Leonard Nimoy mow my lawn. I love mowing my lawn.

  25. Laila--I gave you some Liebster love today! Come by my blog to check it out. http://www.gypsyjulesinmysoul.blogspot.com


    I'm a Star Wars person myself.

    And I think I could get up a support group to stir up interest in getting you to wear underroos to work. AS LONG AS YOU PROMSE TO TAKE PICTURES.


  27. noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Now I have the theme music caught in my head! ;)

  28. Not only improbable, but impossible that Earth is the only planet sustaining life.
    What's this whole Star Trek fest thing?
    By the way, I'm a Kirk person. I can tolerate Picard, but Janeway, Sisko, and Archer get on my nerves (am I a nerd just for knowing their names?).
    Resistance is futile.
    Hmmmmmmmmm.....panties for aliens? "No One Can Hear You Pee in Space."

  29. @Timothy. Hey there. Welcome aboard! I'm a Kirk and Picard fan...the best of both worlds. :)

    @Botanist. LOL. That is so true. I think as humans we just feel more comfortable if we make aliens look like us. :)

    @Desert Rocks. I haven't seen them all yet...but will check them out today. Men stepping up to play is always a good thing. I appreciate you too. :)

    @Jeff King. That's what I say. Hope you joined the Star Trek fest too. :)

    @Rusty. Cool! It'll be so much fun. I can't believe we're only supposed to pick five shows. I like so many more. :)

    @Joylene. LOL. He can mow my lawn too. I liked Spock but was always a big Dr. McCoy fan myself. Bones rocked! :)

    @Julie. Hey, thanks. I was in bed when you sent this over so will check out your blog today. So far I've been Liebsterized up the butt. You guys are awesome! :)

    @Kt. LOL. If I took pictures then everyone would know. Besides, what I really want are a pair of Supergirl ones and I don't think I've seen them. :)

    @Lynda. It sticks to you like glue. I'm going on four days now. The good thing is that it's not an annoying song. :)

    @Al. Can you even pee in space or does it curl around in tiny droplets from lack of gravitational pull? I never got into the very last Star Trek. I did do Kirk, Picard, Janeway, and Sisko though..not a nerd. We've established a new word for Trekkies and all other Sci-fi/Fantasy lovers. VISIONARIES. :)

  30. Why is it that even the ugliest of creatures are cute when they're babies? I had to think hard to recall that theme song. Of course, I realize it will date me, but I only know the original Star Trek theme. I always thought Chekov was cute. I have a thing for Russians, I guess! Oh, and uh, that angel dude? Whoa! Did you ever see the movie Gabriel? Yeah, Andy Whitfield as an arch angel! Need I say more?!

  31. @Nancy. True. The same goes for dogs. Chekov was cute...of course a lot of men fit in the cute spectrum. :) I don't think I've seen Gabriel. Andy Whitfield...woof...need to watch soon. I wonder if it's on Netflix.

  32. Hmm, I'm thinking they WOULD coalesce into droplets.
    "Enterprise" was kind of boring and "Deep Space Nine" never went anywhere. It should have been called "Deep Space Trailer Park." Tonight's episode: Sisko orders pizza from Papa Ferengis.
    @Nancy: Date you? I know the WORDS to the original Star Trek theme.

  33. Funny, Al! You'r a true trekkie!

    And yes, Netflix has Gabriel, Laila! That's how I watched it.

  34. @Al. I was ok with DS9. Jadzia Dax kept me happy. She was a great characters. You're saying you know the words to the intro to the old Star Trek right? Me too! :)

    @Nancy. Cool, will check out Netflix. :)

    @Alex. Thanks again. You are ever so worthy of your cool name. :)


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