Good morning everyone, and Happy 1st of December!

Last month I posted about all my immediate plans for the future.  Among these was the wooden floor.  Well it's finished and it's cool, and since I love to share, here are a few pics.

The poochies weren't too pleased at having to wear the booties for a few days, but I got a kick out of it.  Pink for Deedra, blue for Stryker.  :)

One more just for heck of it.

This would be our entryway and my cool eggplant curtain.  All that's missing is the rug, but we have to wait a few more days before laying it out.

Ah, I like this angle better...shows off the art and my plants :)

My stepson said the walls were an icecream green...so we're a light green and mixed purples throughout.  The colors complement each other well.

The funny thing is I've always liked my furniture a bit on the futuristic side.  Years spent with my husband have taught me an appreciation for wood.  I guess that's to be expected.  Men do tend to rub off. 

Now we just have to tackle our bathroom and change the carpet and we're good to go.

So, any of you guys hot for wood? 

I knew someone who had their whole house decorated in glass...that was actually pretty cool.

Everyone have a great weekend!  I will be hopping.

Might post more often next week due to some activities I've joined...if I can remember what they are now.


Also, don't forget Dec 6, Cassie at http://readingwritingandlovinit.blogspot.com/ is hosting a bloghop...see explanation below.

The idea is to reveal an emberrasing moment you've gone through...or one of your characters has gone through.  Come on, dare to put yourself on the line and share a blushing moment.

And of coure dont forget the Insecure Writer's is just around the corner.  Dec 7.  at http://alexjcavanaugh.blogspot.com/  You know what's crazy...I'm not feeling very insecure.  All this blog therapy must be working.

First Wednesday of Every Month

Also, will probably host a guest blog on Dec 6.  Will post more about it on Monday.

Didn't mean to be long winded.  Take care, everyone. :)


  1. Thanks for mentioning the IWSG!
    The new floor looks great. And the dogs are styling in their boots.
    And we do rub off on you women, don't we?

  2. Wow, that's a gorgeous room, Laila. Did you guys do it yourselves or have someone else?

    Those doggy booties are awesome!

  3. OMG. Your Sheltie looks like my sheltie!!!! How cute. And those boots. Boy the wood looks GREAT! Beautiful pictures!!

  4. I've been wanting wood floors, forever! Lovely, Laila-- and so happy that you are satisfied with it.

  5. The floor looks amazing and I love the colors! Very beautiful, Laila. Your dogs look so adorable in their booties. :)

  6. Thank you for this post, my fair maiden :). I am so glad to take a glimpse of your castle :). Lovely floors, I noticed you love purple/violet - I am a purple freak - your 4 legged friends are just as sweet as their mistress. I also love big spaces, open spaces, I don't feel comfortable in crammed rooms. Your house looks a lot like you, warm, lovely and a bit spicy :).

  7. I love the floor and think the booties are darling!

  8. This will be quick because I have to make a fire for Mrs. Penwasser. So, I won't be able to read your whole post until later.
    But, I saw the title and had to respond (WARNING: Bawdy Innuendo Ahead):
    I like my wood, too.

    I'll be back.

  9. ...Please tell me you did not just ask who was hot for wood, Laila. :P

    The room looks great!

  10. Love the floors and I of course love your traditional decor. Deedra and the pink booties though takes the cake. Too cute!

  11. It's a beautiful floor. Love the dog booties. Yeah, the men folk do rub off ...

  12. Told you I'd be back....
    What a great set-up you have. I really like the way you've arranged everything and your taste is obviously in...good taste. Very nicely done.
    Okay, I can't let all these opportunities to have some fun pass by (I'm still a junior high school kid deep down). I'll leave most of the juicy bits go, but I just CAN'T let this go by without a snarky remark:
    "Men do tend to rub off."
    Only when we're alone, Laila. Only when we're alone. ;-)

    By the way, I may give that "easily flushed blog" a try. I have a perfect story.

  13. The room is looking good, Laila. You rock as a designer. Very nice. One day I'll tell you about putting our hardwood floor. But not now, I'm off to share this post on twitter.

  14. Wow! It looks awesome. I love hardwood floors. They are so beautiful. Classic.

  15. I have a hardwood floor. My 2 dogs & their nails have thrashed it, especially in the spot where they fought over that damn Cheerio. And last week I spilled some water and took a nosedive a day & a half before Thanksgiving. I had whiplash for 5 days & my foot's still purple. I live in the Pacific Northwest where everyone has a wood floor, but I long for my Mexican travertine back home in California. It was so pretty!

  16. Love your house decor. Love the wood floors. This past summer we laid wood flooring in our morning room.

    Do your dogs willingly pose for you? Sir Poops runs when he actually sees the camera. But Hair Ball, loves the camera.

  17. Great pics. I love wood floors too, though sadly we don't have them in this house. Cute pooches too. Awh! x

  18. "Hot for wood"

    I just got orange juice up my nose thanks to you!

  19. I always enjoy a nice visit to the kingdom and I got to see your lovely room. It's gorgeous, Laila! I love the colors, too.

    My last house had all wood floors and I loved them. This one has carpeting, but I'm hoping that will change in the next year. Rather hardwoods with throw carpets than fully carpeted.

    I love wood. I've got some wonderful pieces of furniture that are wood.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  20. Those doggy booties are adorable and your house looks so lovely and homey.
    Be well, Laila.

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  22. The kids are cute in the booties! love it!!

  23. Wow, looks really gorgeous. What a nice and very pretty space.
    I love wood floors too. We also have a lot of antique furniture, so plenty of dusting to do. :D Have a great day!! Cheers.

  24. lol.... love the title! And the house looks great! Awesome color scheme. I love hard wood... lol ... hmmm...floors anyway. We just finished the upstairs of our house and after Xmas we're starting on the first floor ... all walls and carpet have to be redone. Woohoo! :)

  25. Your wooden floor is beautiful! We have laminate, so a sort of pretend wood. Bet your dogs were skidding round well in their bootees though!


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