Happy prelude to Friday!

I have a few things on my agenda for today.

First and foremost I'd like to take a moment and thank the three ladies who have served as my critique partners. You have made such a difference in my writing. I admire you, respect you, really like you, and am proud to share this journey with you. It's not easy to critique. Heck, it's not easy to take the time to read someone else's work when there's so much going on in life. The generosity of the writing world continues to warm my heart. Thank you all so much!

For those I have critiqued, you have amazed me with your verbiage and your imagination. I am blown away. I shudder when I visualize the world we could create if we ever put our heads together.


I won this book!

Tom has fallen for the daughter of the man who killed him, and the Non-Agency will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Please visit Rik Davball at It's the future stupid

I absolutely love winning! Now I just have to claim it...still working on that.  First I dragged my feet because I don't have an e-reader yet and it hurts my eyes to read on the laptop.  Then I misplaced the darn code and had to email the fabulous author.  I have a huge list of books waiting to be downloaded...most of them from you guys. (Here's the time to suggest a good e-reader.)


I have been liebsterized again. Bloody hell, but much appreciated.  For a while there it felt like an epidemic of awards. I considered the possibility that the rumor about my alien powers had leaked out. Caution: You'll never take me alive! Anyway, I'm not forcing anyone to pass this award on. What I'm doing instead is mentioning a few blogs I have thoroughly enjoyed reading lately and slipping in a few random facts about me.

Blogs of note:

Why I wake up every day.  Pay unikorna a visit.  She is a unique exceptional fairy.
The Eagles Aerial Perspective  Visit Eagle.  I've never known anyone who reads so much.  She's a guru.
Mark Noce Stories Visit mark.  He's a great writer who just spent two weeks in Hawaii.
Wistful Nebulae  Go say hi to M Pax.  This sci-fi lady rocks.
Abstract Pictures  Go check out Leovi.  His pictures take my breath away. (Yes I translated and shortened the name of his blog.)

Some brief facts about me:

1. I almost drowned when I was 2, lifted my hands up, saw the light at my fingertips and was pulled out of the water by my father just in time.
2. I have a thing for older men, result of spending years reading historical romances...hence the 10 year age difference between my husband and myself.  I still don't get cougars. 
3. I like walking barefoot, so much in fact I've developed a few callouses.  My wedding video included an unwarranted closeup of my feet.
4.  When I was 10 my father was mugged and left for dead.  He's alive, but I haven't been comfortable with going out on my own since then.
5. I have the tendency of being too honest.  And sometimes people don't want to hear the truth.

This liebster was brought to you by:


Next week I will be posting only on Wednesday...because that is "Insecure Writer's Day."

First Wednesday of Every Month  Hosted by the great Alex J Cavanaugh.  (Funny fact: Alex's is the only guy's blog my husband ever remembers me visiting.)

I wasn't able to participate in the session due to the partying week I took off on my birthday. Not only am I looking forward to my own "begging for empathy session", I'm real eager to read what's bugging every other writer out there. Alex, I hope you have the links posted on your site...I might not be following everyone yet.

Oh, and if anyone isn't following Alex yet, please do. I'm dying to know if he'll keel over once he reaches 1000 followers. :)

See you all Wednesday. Have a great weekend! Keep living the dream!
I wish you all tons of inspiration.  Here's a lovely picture to send you on your way.


  1. Wow, Laila. That's scary about you almost drowning and your poor father. If that impacted you, I'm sure it must have impacted him as well. I'm glad both of you survived those horrific experiences. *hugs*

  2. you have such a pretty, fanciful blog =)

    congrats on award and success with your crit group! i'll see you next wed for support group. cant believe another month has passed!

    and i have tagged you, if you'd like to come over and see!

  3. 'First and foremost I'd like to take a moment and thank the three ladies who have served as my critique partners.'

    That is lovely, Laila. I'm certain they appreciate your kind acknowledgment.

  4. Congrats on the award. Critique partners are the best! See ya on Wednesday.

  5. Well, I hope I don't keel over dead! Zombiefied with shock might be more in line with my reaction though. Congratulations on the book and the award and thanks for mentioning the support group.

  6. You're a terrific blogger, writer, person, and that's why you keep receiving awards. I feel lucky to know you. Blessings.

  7. Congrats on the win and the awards. I love the cover of Heaven Can Wait. It's so retro and cool. If the story is as good as the cover, download that one. But I'm with you. I hate reading books online... leaves me so blurry-eyed I can't drive for a day.

    I drowned once too... now I don't swim. But I do have a lot of near-death drowning experiences in my books.

  8. Congrats on the well deserved awards! Way to sing the praises of the unsung critique partners--I feel for mine after some of the crap I've sent them. And I am just floored at your near death experience--and that you can remember that instant. So glad you didn't go to the light then--the world is much brighter with you in it!

  9. I like the idea of shout-outs rather than passing the award along. cool pic :)

  10. 1) Yes, we have a fantastic writing community here, and critique partners are the best! <3

    2) Congratulations on your award and winning that book! :D

    3) Ack! A few of those tidbits left me horrified. I'm glad you and your dad survived!

  11. How fun to learn more about you! (and yikes, I don't blame you for being wary about going out, after your father was violently mugged!) I know whatcha mean by older guys--I always dated older guys (WAY older, when I was in my 20s). My hubbs is just 5 years older tho. :) Congrats on your award and book win!

  12. I knew you were an angel! You deserve all the liebster awards in your entire realm! LOL

  13. Congrats on another Liebster! You're well loved. And I adore your novel. (Still waiting for new chapters after 6.) BTW, one of your other CPs told me how much she's enjoyed reading your stuff. Thanks for sharing a few tidbits about yourself. And I'll have to check out those few links I don't know yet.

  14. How nice you gave your critique partners a shout out.

    I'm glad you dad survived. Scary.

  15. Laila, I had an almost identical near death experience when I was three or four. I can remember seeing my hand reach up through the water toward the sun and I was sinking. Then someone pulled me out of the pool.

    I'm also a cougar. Rawwr. Really, hubs is nine years younger than me. Just how it worked out.

  16. Actually, I'd like to take a breather from swimming in the Ocean of the Overwhelmed. You have a great weekend. I'll be hair lopping and writing and a bunch of other stuff.

  17. Thanks for the shout out! If you ever need another CP just let me know:)

  18. Hey lady, I just wanted to let you know I gave you a Blog on Fire award today. Not to be confused with Ring of Fire, which is a good Johnny Cash song, or a reference to hemorrhoids if you are a proctologist. Have a beautiful weekend!

  19. I just love reading your posts from start to finish. They're awesome.
    Congrats on your award! Again!

  20. I love fest blog insecure writer, a great idea Alex.

  21. Thanks for the SO, Laila. :) Sounds like you won an awesome book. Looking forward to IW next wednesday. :)

    Have a great weekend, Laila.

  22. Wow! Thanks for sharing about your life. Know I know you much better. Your father is a hero! I have two daughters and could not imagine ...

  23. Eek! Some scary moments there. I had an 'event' in the water when I was 11, and although I still luuurve the water - I am very respectful of it!

    ...and yay for critique partners!

  24. I'm too honest too. I wish I wasn't but can't help it.
    Happy weekend, Laila.

  25. I also am guilty of being too honest sometimes.
    Also, congrats on winning the book! It's always fun to win things!

  26. I totally get you on the older guy thing. I love older guys...usually date guys 7 years older. Not sure why!

    Love the honesty of your list! That's awesome!

  27. Congrats on the win. I always enjoy your blog!

  28. Congrats on the award! :)

    I had a very similar almost drowning experience when I was six, and my dad pulled me out too. And I'm so glad your dad was okay after that incident, that's so scary.

  29. I had a near death experience when I was pretty small - or so I'm told. I was also told I took it pretty well, laughing in the face of death. I wouldn't do that now. Guaranteed.

  30. you magical creature with indisputable and irresistible alien powers, thank you for liebsterizing me, I enjoyed it (maybe a little too much). We do have more things in common than I thought, one of the them is our attraction towards older men...the age difference between me and my boyfriend is of 22 years..
    Kisses magical lady.

  31. Congrats to you for the blog award. It's good to get to know you a little better. Your father's mugging sounds more scary than your near drowning. Eek.

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