You are not trapped in time loop. This is Friday's post. 

You guys should know by now that I get tired of following my own rules.  Besides, it's kinda fun to create confusion.  Did you ever have something stuck in your head and you couldn't stop thinking about it until you wrote it down? Well, here you have it.  Welcome to my brain.  Ooh, and check out my cartoon self.  Yup, that is definitely what I look like in my otherworldly state.

My husband called me "short" the other day. At his 6'5 stature the comment didn't come as a surprise. As a matter of fact, the sweet, cradle-robbing darling calls me that often, even though I've explained to him countless times that God crams us into small packages to hide the brilliance of our souls. (Hear that fun-sized people?) Of course he's in denial. Still, his remark brought to mind the memory of my trouble adapting to symbiosis. ( The interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. AKA: Adapting to life as an Earthling.)

I once looked like this: Fabulous alien self.

Then I hopped into something that looked kinda like this: Couldn't find picture of baby Earthling self.

During the long, arduous adjustment period I looked a little something like this: Ugly duckling, which is actually remarkable cute.

I was the kid that got picked on, the loner, the one that didn't open her mouth from fear of being ridiculed. I had no sense of fashion, doubted myself beyond reason, and always did what I was told up to the point where I didn't do anything I wanted to do. Merging with a host is tricky business. I can clearly remember living in my head. And in there life was rich...so much in fact that it developed into a great Fantasy. And that Fantasy poured into books.

I've often been asked why I write Fantasy and not another genre that might allegedly make me more money. Oh, I could go into great detail, but the answer is real simple. A great story told in a fantastical way is the signature of my soul. And we all have our own unique signatures. We are as varying as the stars.

So now that I'm most comfortable in my wonderful self, I'm going to cut this Friday post short and invite you all to celebrate being you. And in doing that, I'm leaving you one question to take with you and ponder.

What's the number one reason why you love being you?

Now shine like a star.

Happy Friday everyone and an even better weekend. ...^-^...


  1. I thought you were a fairy, just like me, that would have explained my irresistible draw to this blog :). But an alien might suit just fine. And a mighty sexy one as well :).

  2. Awh what an absolutely lovely story of your journey as a writer.

  3. That was a beautiful story of being!

  4. What a lovely story and what an outstanding question to ask. I answered myself rather immediately and then smiled inwardly. You rock fun-sized person. : )

  5. I enjoyed the story and the 'alien' you. :) Fun-sized people are the most fab.

    Provoking question and not so easy to answer. Maybe because I can't be anybody else. Happiness is learning to love yourself.

  6. I believe that picture is of you!
    I've always like science fiction and fantasy for the escape.

  7. That's a wonderful story! :)

    Thought-provoking question. I don't think I could pin it down on one thing--it's the whole that makes a person truly unique.

  8. It's a wonderful thing to be comfortable with oneself (and with one's size).

    Have a great weekend, Laila.

  9. I'm with L.G. - being comfortable with yourself is so important. I'm glad you're rocking it today - have a great weekend! :)

  10. Love your post my dear friend and I love being me because there is no one else like me. Thank God, huh? LOL

  11. As a "fun-sized" person, I love what you wrote about our souls. I like my size (sometimes) because it contributes to my looking younger than I am.

  12. Wonderful story of being. Thank you for sharing. I love being me because I love all the worlds inside of my head. They could always make me smile when I was feeling down and take me to great places when I was feeling stuck.

  13. You are cartoon hotness incarnate! And I'm very glad that your alien self choose a fun size package as her human avatar. Because good things come in small packages! I also love that your soul has a fantastical signature--I can imagine nothing else would capture your spirit.

  14. Now I can't remember what the blog was about. All I can think of is that cute little duckie. Awwwwwww!

  15. I love the picture of your fabulous alien self!

  16. I'm a pretty big fan of me. The reason? Because I always root for the underdog.

    My wife is fun sized too - wouldn't want her any other way. Nice cartoon. Did you do that yourself?

  17. Laila, I like how your mind works. Your origin does a lot like Superman's sister's. It's okay, your secret is safe with me.

    The number 1 thing I love being me is ... I have no memory of being someone else.

  18. What a thought-provoking question! Number one reason for me is all the otherworld landscapes I can see that don't exist in anyone else's head. I'd miss that if I was anyone else.

  19. Ahh Laila, we truly are kindreds. I'm rather short as well. Ok, fun sized! :) I love the story of you and the picture of you glowing is quite accurate. You definitely have a way to brighten up the world.
    Hmmm....good question, definitely one to ponder.
    I hope your weekend is tremendously fantastic, as well. :)

  20. Great post! Thoroughly enjoyed. It's a tragedy not to love yourself. As we age we become more accepting and appreciative of who we are, which makes the journey sweeter.

  21. That really is such a thought provoking post. I loved the story and the message. Thanks so much for posting it!

  22. Laila, did you mention to hubs that everything is short compared to him? lol! I'm 5'9 and even with heels he would tower over me. Two of my brothers are 6'3 and 6'4--the rest of the bros are at 6'. We tease them about the air up there.

    Lovely post on going through life's transitions and learning to appreciate yourself.

    I'm comfortable in my skin. Like you, it took time. But I'm happy with me. :-)

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  23. Well, I'm not exactly fun-sized, but I'm comfortable with myself. I do feel a bit like an alien though. I've never fit in like others, but then again, I don't want to be like others. I like that I'm unique, even if a bit weird. And if someone doesn't like that about me, then I don't need or want them around me. But I guess what I like most about me is that I welcome everyone just as they are, weird or otherwise, as long as they're kind.

  24. That was a wonderful story of being. My mother just told me she reached out, took a fistful of dream, and then I stood. Nice, huh?

    Have a beautiful weekend, Roland

  25. Hi everyone. I emailed those of you I could...the ones who didn't send me into no-comment blogger limbo. To the rest of you...

    @unikorna. Right back at you sexy dark fairy.
    @Tracy. Thanks.
    @Christine. The worlds inside our heads rock.
    @Steve. Duckies will do that every time.
    @Suze. Thanks.
    @Botanist. I love the other worlds too.
    @Heather. You're a pretty special artist guru, girl.
    @Morgan. You're welcome. Glad you liked it.
    @Sia. I'm 5'4. As an added bonus I can see up everyone's nose.


  26. I love your series of pictures including the light being (awesome!) the baby and the ugly duckling and the golden woman. It's when I lose track of myself that I stop liking myself. when I am reminded that I love SF/fantasy and can see beauty in the strangest places, then I remember that I'm glad to be exactly who I am. Thank you for the reminder! (visiting Campaigner here and new follower)

  27. Hah! We should have some kind of fun-sized club, Laila. *grins* I loved this post!

  28. Fun creative post! Cute otherworldly self pic there. I like your term--the "signature of the soul." :) And haha, I STILL have no fashion sense...totally clueless. I guess what I like about myself is that I'm imaginative and creative (writing, artwork). It's very satisfying to me!

  29. Great post! Your otherworldly self is hot. I was the "ugly duckling"/social outcast growing up as well. At least it felt that way. I'm fun-sized too--love that! The number one reason I love being me is my mind. It is kind of weird and inside my head there is never a dull moment!

  30. That was the sweetest post. I'm glad you became more than just comfortable being wonderful you.

    Hmm, for me, I think the thing I like best about myself is that I find it difficult to take anything too seriously. Life's a lot more fun that way. ;)

  31. I look on the bright side:
    If I lived in the Roman Empire, I wouldn't be considered short.
    Of course, the average life expectancy was significantly lower than what it is now.
    In other words, I'd be dead.
    But, I'd be a tall corpse.
    So, I'd have that going for me.

  32. Love this! And ANYONE would be short to someone who is 6'5"! I certainly am!

  33. you are creatif. whats wrong?

    staying write for your fansaty.


    i cant speak english well.

  34. You're a conveniently-sized package of awesome. :)

    Fun-size. I love that. I'll have to see if there's a Fun-size section at my favorite clothing store.

  35. Laila:

    You haven't changed a bit. Still the huge jar of awesomesauce you always were!

    I think, to answer your question, it's not so much what I love about myself, but what I love in others that carries me through my days. And you, my friend, are good for a few centuries of days.

    Keep on keeping on.

  36. Um, how many legs does that duckling have? And if it resembles you . . . . Say, why can't we see the lower half of that cartoon version of you?
    Just kidding.

  37. Being a kid is certainly not for wusses, that's for sure. I'm glad you found your you and like you. If that makes sense. It takes time to get confidence in who you are. And sometimes a lot of battles along the way.

  38. I love your fabulous alien self - all shiny and pink and beautiful! That's how I picture myself inside. :-)

  39. one of me is more than this polluted planet can handle, elsewise the other'd be redundant, and no point being allowed to live! :O lol

    at 6'4", gotta agree w/yer hubster! :P

    good thing about you wee folk, you squish down nicely and fit easily into a side pocket, from where we can pull you out... when/as required!

  40. Yes, we all have to accept who we are and run with it. I love fantasy as well so your words resonated with me.

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