I was feeling a little blue last night...all better now, but blogger suffered the consequences.

Did you ever feel so different that the world didn't know quite what to make of you?

I have often enough. It's difficult not to when I've set out on my own journey to create the best in me. Sometimes that freaks people out.

As humans we have the bad habit of condemning what we can't understand. It's natural, but I'm not immune to the effects.

And I've questioned myself.

What drives the thirst to explore beneath the confines of my flesh to the raw amber of my soul? What moves me, defines me?I doubt. I obsess.

I pommel the sand in an attempt to rebuild my own castles.

Then I remind myself that we're all particles of the same starstuff. We're cut from the same mold.

                                                            I'm a zonkey.

                                               Are you a zonkey too?

Happy Friday everyone!
Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones. I know I plan to. ...^-^...

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  1. I'm probably a little more geeky than zonkey!

  2. Know what you mean. I'm a ner-gonkey.

  3. I think most writer/creative types are zonkeys. None of us feels like we fit in sometimes. Often I'm glad I don't. :)

  4. I'm a cross between a zonkey and a keyzon, so don't feel bad. I know where you are.

    "I pommel the sand in an attempt to rebuild my own castles."
    Proof positive that, regardless of your zoological classification, you are a WRITER, first and foremost.

    Keep it up. And keep your chin up, too.

  5. I'm a zonkey too! Right there with you!

  6. @Alex. With a cool name like that I doubt you could ever be geeky.

    @Shelly. Is that a cross between a nerd and donkey? Okay...I'm good with that.

    @L.G. I'm often glad I'm different too, but I have a tendency to make people think I'm bizzare. Sometimes it gets to me that they skim the surface and don't bother to look deeper.

    @Bryce. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Keyzon? Hmm, are you saying your ass-backwards? I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been fighting the crowd since I knew how to walk...not one to jump into clicks or yield to peer pressure. I live by my own rule, my own code of ethics. I tend to raise a lot of brows because people just don't get me.

    @Lisa. Did not peg you for a zonkey at all. Glad to have you in the fold.

    Sorry for the kinda gloomy post everyone. That's not like me...but it was either that or heartbreaking poetry. ...^-^....
    Besides, I thought the zonkey was cute.

  7. Happy Friday, Laila. Hope it's a wonderful day.

  8. Laila, you're still a zonkey baby and have a full life ahead of you. Don't worry and I'm not sure if I 'get you', but I have certainly been singing the song My Way for most of my life. Has it been easy? No way. Would I do it any other way? NO. Do I have some regrets? No again. Love your post and the photo. Keep it up!

  9. @Joylene. Happy Friday to you too. My day is going pretty good, and I have some cool posts planned for next week. :)

    @Desert Rocks. You're an inspiration. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Sometimes even the positive penguins need a little pick me up. We don't have it all figured out, but I keep a cook poker face. ...^-^...

  10. Oh, I'm a Horsasszonkey! I've never, ever fit in. And I'm okay with that! It means I'm unique.

    And so are you, Laila, and we love that about you. You are so interesting and captivating. That's why so many of us tune in to your blog.

    Never change, my dear. And don't be down about it either. You are dearly loved!

  11. I think many of us are zonkeys but think we're the only one.
    Nice to meet you, I found you from Roland's blog and realized you're also a Nebraskan!

  12. I think our little blogging community could be considered a herd of zonkeys. ;) Have a great weekend, Laila!

  13. @Carrie. I got on real quick to wish you a happy weekend and thank you for commenting. :) I don't think you have an email listed or I would have emailed you.

    @Lydia. I hope you got my email. Nothing has been returned to me yet. :)

    @Nancy. I know you did.


  14. Yup definitely a Zonkey here. My friends from my old corporate life think I'm mad, living in the bush with furry creatures when I could be sipping lattes and having my nails done. I think we all go through some reflective periods at times. Just follow your heart!

  15. I'm sure I'm a zonkey too, but I'm convinced I'm a zabaglione/monkey hybrid (sweet and mischievous) :)

  16. @Botanist. I like the way you see yourself. Not sure what the monkey hybrid is but sweet and mischievous is definitely cool. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  17. I think a little bit of "down" can be good for us. When I have moments like that, I take the time for some internal reflection. I don't wallow in it, but I use it to rethink my goals and priorities. Then I'm ready for forge ahead.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. @Donna. That is a wonderful perspective. Way to look on the positive side of things

  19. I think the world needs zonkeys. Things would be terribly boring otherwise. :)

  20. @golden eagle. You're right. Where would the fun be if we just had regular donkeys everywhere? :)

  21. Thanks! :) Oh, and for future reference, my e-mail address is: soyoureawriter(at)gmail(dot)com

  22. @Jo. A cross between a lion and a tiger. Huh, cool. I'm actually more a squirrel myself. :)


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