The Purpose of Sex

Hmm, there’s a pattern here. I’m writing about sex again. Why?  It’s a wonderful tool to show the development of a character. However, there is something called overdoing it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for detail, but when it comes to my discarded fantasy manuscript, I was doing it all wrong. Yikes, talk about bad erotica.  Live and learn.

I decided to play with it. How would the story flow if I tweaked certain sex scenes?

Sex works with my characters because of the type of society they’ve been placed in, one lacking in certain taboos.

My hero suffers from tasteful cravings. My heroine is naughty beyond words. They both lead separate lives. Obstacles keep them apart.

Regardless of how many characters I introduce, the major sex should center around my protagonists, to show their reaction, their development, and gear all eyes toward them. I didn't want them to meet right away. This first book is meant to tease them, to show them that they need each other but can't have what they want, yet.

Editing sex can be fun, rewarding. (Presently giggling like a school girl.)

I refuse to let these two people get it on until at least the third book, at which time I will allow it to get hot and heavy. Practice makes perfect, and I’ve found that I can write a mean sex scene, regardless of gender.

I’ve also decided to enhance the fantasy for the minor characters to give us a glimpse into their heart and an idea of what their world looks like.

Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. Will post more about my progress next week.

Meanwhile, plots are jumbled in my head, twirling around, battling each other. When they fall into place, I should be able to advance with my paranormal romance. Oh, and here's an update on that, by the way.

Last night I sat at my PC and dumped a whole bunch of plot information. I'm not a plotter persay, but one single sentence helps to put my thoughts in perspective. Once I start moving forward with it again, the information should fill the next hundred pages nicely.

I'm also intrigued by the villain. Seldom do I like a villain, but he serves a key role. I'm not killing this one off. The muses are whispering that he's going to be something special. I'll be sticking him in the consecutive books. And in the fourth, he will be the hero.  On with the fun.


  1. Man, sex scenes can be so difficult. One of my first crit partners told me my sex scene was pornographic. I objected and said it was erotic and while she agreed, her comments made me revisit that scene & completely change it & the reason for it. Now it is simple & beautiful, providing contrast to an earlier rape scene, redefining the protagonist & expounding on his transformation.

  2. You're right. It is hard to master, and my first attempts were embarrasing. Live and learn....^-^....


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