More Edits on WIP

I took a closer look at the conflict in that old discarded fantasy novel.
There are two villains, but both arrive at a different time in the story. I decided this deserves editing.

If I allude to the second conflict earlier in the story, it won’t seem like I’m tossing something in just to add bulk. In reality, the death of the first villain allows an entry to the second, but it also serves to divide the story, and that’s not what I want.

One of my favorite characters, who in fact plays a key factor in this tale, is a scientist/doctor. He will become privy to the second threat earlier in the novel and keep it under observation. It creates a flow.

Also, the first villain needs a little more depth added to her. She's manipulative, obssessive, cruel, and an absolute whore. Those are good things. It's what I envisioned for her, but none of that make me hate her. That can mean only one thing. I need to make her worse. It's imperative that she commits attrocities, something so aweful that it will make me resist killing her before her time. What to do? What to do? This is going to be fun.

I’ve discovered something wonderful in fixing this discarded novel. If we want a perfect book, it’s important not to marry it. That means be willing to change it. Toss things out, rewrite, add delete. It’s like cleaning a closet. Do what works, and have a good time doing it.

Critique yourself until you’re ready to slap yourself silly. Ten to one, when it falls into the hands of an editor, they’re going to want you to change some things anyway. Why not start now? Care enough to give the very best. Huh, isn't that Hallmark?

Tomorrow, I tackle sex.

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