Poem Day: THE BEST.

This poem can mean so many things, depending on the reader. When I first wrote it as a teenager very much in the grasp of puberty and as someone so devoted to God, it was meant to depict the act of making love as seen through the eyes of the soul. That moment in which we forget that we are flesh and seek the union of souls, the glorious explosion that fractures us, makes us divine.  

                                                                  THE BEST                                                      

                                                       In and out I take my breath.
                                                       My time is everlasting.
                                                       Don’t jump or cry or feel a threat.
                                                       There’s pleasure in the making.

                                                       Life up my veil of human flesh.
                                                       Behold my anxious specter.

                                                       Omnipotent kiss of lips afresh.
                                                       Place your hand on beating breast.

                                                       Delight my speech with endless woos.
                                                       Arouse my tears with sacred skin.

                                                       Tantalize by being true.
                                                       Become my careful kin.

                                                       Create a quake to make me tremble.
                                                       To man, my heart I shall not test.

                                                       Alas, my God, he is so gentle.

                                                       My heart, my love, to him the best.

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