Memories That Make Me Sigh

The news has been going on and on about the royal wedding forever now. She wore the perfect gown and looked lovely,and he was....well....charming. Seeing them brought back a few tender memories.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a princess. I had a fake crown, a secret costume, and glitter in my makeup. It was the result of years of reading fairy tales. My ideal life consisted of finding Prince Charming. He would toss me on his sparkling white horse and ride away with me because he discovered I completed his life. Secretly, I'm a romantic. Okay, maybe it's not such a secret.

As I grew up I dreamt of wearing a regal gown, leaning over a balcony, tossing a huge bouquet of roses, and blowing kisses at my subjects. I was a child of make-believe. All I wanted was for a man to love me and take care of me. I know, women should be self-sufficient. Well I am. My hubby can attest. Why can't we be both.

I hear women complain constantly about their husbands and how given a chance they would never ever get married again. It's a collective consciousness of female man bashers. I have to disagree. I love men. Oh, they're not always easy to get along with, but they'd say the same thing about us. I also love everything there is about being a woman.

Years later, when it was time to tie the knot, I still wanted to be a princess. I didn't hook a royal hottie, but I did get married in Victoria BC. It's a place rich in history and straight out of a fairy tale. I had a bouquet of roses half my size, shoes that made me at least four inches taller, and the perfect dress. I leaned over a balcony of a real castle and waved at the gathered few. In the background was playing the theme from Aladin. It was one fo the happiest days of my life.

Five years later, I would love to do it all over again. My advice to everyone is to make your own happily ever after. It's out there, if you dare to search.

                                                                         I was a little tipsy after drinking the champagne
                                                                        and ignoring the cheese and crackers, but it made
                                                                        for awesome pictures.


  1. I love love this post for so many reason. I am writing a book about a girl with a great imagination who dreams about her prince...and then I get into the real book. She has quite a difficult journey, but of course it has a happy ending. I was married in Hawaii during a recession in 1992. I invited 15 or more to come and no one could afford it. The ones who could afford it didn't come either- I think they thought we would pay for it or something. Anyway, my man is a true Prince and he would do anything for me. Congratulations. You sound like a Princess to me!

  2. Thank you. That is so sweet. We're all princesses at heart. No one really came to my wedding either, but as long as the important party is there, bride and groom, nothing else matters.


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