Villain 2 and Other Stuff.

Tetrixon was my second villain.   He's a warlord, someone who follows orders from a deeper darker being.  He no longer knows of any other way to survive.  The following excerpt describes him at the moment of his first arrival without explaining where he came from. His second in command argues with him in regards to their presence in the strange galaxy.


One could fantasize that his exterior resembled death in a cloak and bony mask; maybe his skin oozed out ashes or blood. Perhaps he breathed out a poison that could demolish complete societies with a single trickle, but that wasn’t the case for Tetrixon, as is seldom the case for any killer or murderer. No. He was tall, robust, and put together like a ragged warrior. His hair was a silvery blond. His rich topaz eyes were vivisected by cross-like pupils. His lips hinted at a slight pout; it was a mark of passion shared with a certain woman.


“Can’t we coexist with people for once in our

lives without trying to exterminate them?”

Tetrixon sighed. “We’ve been through this before, Ferina. It’s not our decision to make, and it would do you well to stop sympathizing with the enemy. We are the Fury.” 


Now for some more drawings. 


                                                         There's a lot of story building involved in writing this
                                                novel.  I've filled it with animals, real and fantastic.  This
                                                little guy is not in the book.  His name was Kismet.  I had
                                                him for six months, then had to put him to sleep due to an
                                                incurable desease.

                                                            This is Xanadu.  Are there shelties
                                                             in my book?  Well yeah.  I couldn't
                                                             resist.  This little guy is mine only
                                                             in spirit now, but he's the reason
                                                             why I love dogs so much.

                                          This was my dookie attempt at self protrait with Xanadu.

Everyone have a nice weekend!!!


  1. From evil villain to cute puppy - now that's called switchinig gears!

  2. @Alex. It's good to be versatile. :)

  3. Is it bad that I kinda like Tetrixon?

    Oh, man. We had to put down a collie that we had for 15 yrs. I cried like a banshee, and not ashamed to admit it.

  4. @Bryce. Don't let him fool you. He's a coldblodded killer. His only soft spot is his woman.

    My sheltie was 10 when I had to put him to sleep. Had a vet come to the house and do it while I held him in my arms. Cried for a long time. They're worth it...that's why I have the other two.

  5. I'm with Alex -- bad guys to puppies? I never know what to expect when I click on your blog!!

    Your characters all seem so vivid and alive. I hope you get this book done soon. :)

  6. Nice, Laila! Sorry for the short comment. I'm keeping my A.D.D. on a tight leash today. I need to get some editing done. ;)

  7. @L.G. The reason you don't know what to expect when you click on my blog is because I get bored if I focus on one thing for too long...except writing, and I do love variety. I hope I finish the book soon too. I just finished writing an awesome fist fight. Oh, and I get it now why you thought I was making it too long. When I said 500+ pages I meant double spaced. :) Have a great weekend!

    @Carrie. Editing is very important. We can't let our blogging get in the way of writing. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend! :)

  8. Laila, I love the doggie drawings. You really know how to bring out their personality. As far as the other stuff, well I think you know that I don't like the bad guys. I hiss when the villain enters and hope he falls off a cliff!

  9. @Shelly. I'm glad you think so. I know it was a pretty short excerpt. :)

    @Desert Rocks. Thanks Eve. I know you don't care for villains. Not to worry, Tetrixon gets what's coming to him in the end. ...^-^...

  10. @Out of My Mind. Thanks for traveling :)

  11. Oddly enough the last pic reminds me of my sis. At any rate, nice drawings.

  12. @Mike. Really, your sister? Hmm, I wish I could tell Janine she has a double.


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