A LITTLE FUN WITH HORROR...and other cool stuff.

For those of you who don't know, I like to play with horror. It sparks my creativity.

Fear plays an important role in everything we say or do. It's the force that keeps us from crossing the street or turning into a dark alley. It's the lurker who keeps us from submitting a query. It can be a useful tool or serve to hold us back and keep us from fulfilling our dreams. In honor of the trickster in question and because I love to tempt fate, I've included a fearful excerpt that just popped in my head.  Bear with me.  I wrote it in just a  few minutes.

Scary huh?  Who the heck comes up with this stuff?

Thunder rippled in the distance. It was a subtle sound like a wheel over cobble stone. Beth sat at the dining room table nibbling on her thumb nail. It was almost time. Any second now her mother would waltz out of the study and demand that she go to bed. Being a senior in high school hadn't rewarded her with any rights whatsoever. She still had a curfew and was expected to be in bed by eleven.

The stairs creaked. A flash of lightning streaked through the clouds. Thunder pounded against the rooftop, or maybe it was just her heart.

"Beth, are you still up?"

She glanced at the woman tapping her foot before her. A scrunched up face accentuated the wrinkles that were previously smoothed by the gel mask. Her mother's hair was in curlers. Tomorrow was the big day, and she wanted to look her best for her own wedding.

"Mom, I can't go to bed just yet," she replied.

The older woman reached out and grabbed her arm effectively lifting her from the chair. "If you do anything to ruin tomorrow I will never forgive you."

Beth tugged on her arm to free it from the clawed grip. "Mom, you don't understand."

"Go to bed now." The tone of her voice had been low, mimicking the rumble of thunder.

Beth hurried to her room and plopped down on the bed. Her mother had no clue of what went on in her head. If only she could stop hearing the voices, but they grew louder at night, specially when she found herself alone. Those evil shrieks tempted her. They tried to get her to do terrible things. Sometimes she listened. Often she was able to ignore them, except when it stormed.

"Elizabeth," came the sultry whisper near her ear. A warm breeze tussled her hair. The windows were closed. "Elizabeth," the voice repeated itself. A swampy breath doused her earlobe with a layer of mist.

"What do you want?"

"Did you get the pills?" the voice asked.

She hopped out of bed and hurried to a corner. "Please. It's her wedding."

Invisible fingers traced a line over her jaw. "There's no better time for a present."

Beth dropped to the floor, crouching. If she could only concentrate hard enough maybe she could make it go away. It was useless. The voice grew louder, so did the thunder. Lighting streaked outside the window. The sizzling spark outlined the dark form of a man beast, the creature hovering over her, chanting her name.  Her eyes met his.  She screamed...

So, what are you afraid of...bugs, the dark, failure?

SCARY MOVIE ALERT.  I watched this last night.  My stepson brought it home.

                                                            It had a few parts where stuff
                                                            jumps out at you.  Made hubby
                                                            scream like a girl...which always
                                                            cracks me up.  :)

Since we're in the horror subject I thought I should post my too cool video of the ghost I recorded by the campfire for anyone who missed it when I first started blogging.  Check out below.  It only takes about 30 seconds.

Hope everyone enjoyed my little bit of horror.  Visit me tomorrow for some lovely Sci-Fi.


  1. Oh, man. I'm not a horror guy. I have to have the remote in hand whenever we watch something scary. I always mute the sound whenever I think something scary is about to happen. My family gets SOOOOOOOO upset at me....
    You wrote that in just a few minutes? EXCELLENT job, Laila!

  2. I'm not into horror either, but I did end up watching a creepy movie the other night. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. It's about a twelve year old vampire, and, yeah, it was pretty gross. Well done, but very bloody.

    You're excerpt was more psychological, which I can get into. :)

  3. @Bryce. Thank you. You and my hubby would get along. I have to nag him to watch horror with me.

    @L.G. I've seen that movie. It is pretty darn bloody. I don't care for the gore. Like all things. Fear starts in our heads.

  4. Well, horror's NOT my thing--especially in movies. I retain those icky images like FOREVER. ;o) Enjoyed your excerpt! I wanna know what happens. You have some great descriptions in there. I love the thunder "pouncing" on the rooftop, and the "sizzling spark." Nice ending there too!

  5. Creepy excerpt! Ghostly stuff doesn't scare me, because real life is horrifying enough.

  6. @Carol. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I play with horror but it's not my genre. I've tried to start a novel in the past and can't make it past the third chapter. I can do a pretty cool dark fantasy though. :)

    @Alex. So glad I didn't scare you away after sex post yesterday. :D. Ghosts don't scare me either. You're right, real life can be horrifying. The fact that man can find it in himself to harm man is very sad.

    Sci-Fi post tomorrow for anyone interested.

  7. *shudders* I'm not normally into horror at all. Have you, by chance, read Dan Well's "I Am Not a Serial Killer" series. Amazing.

  8. I've never been able to watch all those classic scary movies. And some of Knootz's and King's novels were too scary for me. I'm such a baby. But in truth the thing that scares me most is the thought of sinking low and never getting up.

    The pic is very very creepy. Who does think these up? LOL

  9. @Donna. No I haven't read that series. Sounds like a thriller. I once tried reading Stephen King Pet Sematary. Whoof that man scares me...I love it.

    @Joylene. I think that's probably a universal greatest feer, sinking and never rising. Everyone feels failure, but the real failure is never trying...and you're living your dream.


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