Remember when you were a kid and you liked to take time off to play?


Well, it's time you did.

Thursdays tend to be terribly boring...so let's play...^-^... Play with me! Play with me!

I want to learn about you. If you'll all just answer as many or few of these questions as you'd like, we could learn more about each other and revel in the fact that we're all terrific.

I'll start.
1. Favorite color?....hot pink

2. One word you say frequently that finds its way into your writing?.....Actually.

3. Favorite drink?....water.....(ahem, the occasional glass of red wine)

4. Number 1 favorite movie?....Avatar.

5. Personal preference...blonde or brunette?....hmm, both, but not at the same time. 

6. Favorite vacation spot?...If I had my choice it would be one of those cool StarTrek hollow deck simulations....but Bermuda would do...always wanted to get stuck there.

7. If you could do one (only one) thing, what would it be?...tough one....so many to choose from....got it...fly into outer space....yeah.

7. What is something no one knows about you?....I was a security officer for a full year...all 5'4 badass me.

Enough about me. Tell me about you. Be creative....go with your gut...one word answers will suffice.

I appreciate every single one of you.  It makes my day to have you at my blog...so celebrate your greatness.

I was going to stick a game in here, but Blogger didn't like it...so enjoy some pics instead.  If you want the cute frog leaping game that requires that you have Excel let me know and I will email it to you.

 .....^-^...... Happy Thursday!!!

                                        This brings back memories.  Told my hubby I had red hair
                                        and green eyes when I met him on the net, oh, and I was 5'7.

                                          Not this one.  Leg humping is not for me.

                                                   Addicts? Can't say I've ever been addicted to balls.

Still trying to figure out what that 57 is doing up there...left it just for kicks.

See you guys tomorrow. 



  1. I use awesome a lot, but not in my books - just my blog!
    Hard to name just one favorite movie. Aliens?
    And I'll take both a blonde and brunette at the same time! I know, every guy's dream. In reality, we wouldn't know what to do with two women.

  2. I'm in a playful mood so I'll join in the fun. Favorite color is blue, although none of my clothes, nor vehicles, nor any other earthly possessions would back up this fact. /shrug

    According to the edit programs I use, the word "that" is most commonly used in my first six chapters. Interesting, I may have to look into "that"...<---heh...
    The fav drink is currently water as well, unless of course we are talking about alcoholic beverages, then it is a black and tan beer (Guinness/Bass) or Riesling (white wine)

    The fav movie is tough, I enjoy a wide range of movies. Mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but also love crime and good dramas.

    The personal preference on blonde or brunette. All the while growing up I would have said brunette, but then I married a blonde. So go figure... I reckon it doesn't much matter, heck my current wife changes her hair color every month, I gave up worrying about it.

    Fav spot to vacation was Jamaica, had a blast on that trip and would love to go back some day.

    The one thing I'd do, kind of a bucket list thing. Get published of course, what aspiring writer wouldn't want that. lol

    The one thing not many folks know about me is that I'm a writer (well except you all of course.) I just have not made it public knowledge in my daily circles. I'm real close though, probably end of this year and into the next, no rush on telling folks yet. Oh and by the way, I was in security as well (and police dispatch... heh small world.)

  3. 1. Sometimes blue. Sometimes purple. Sometimes yellow.

    2. Fantabulous.

    3. Brom Stokers "Dracula"

    4. Nice people.

    5. Israel.

    6. Jasmine Green Tea and water

    7. I don't know what I would do. There's so many things to try but my passion is to write.

  4. Hopefully this is just pass/fail. Or do you grade on the curve? :)

    1) Blue
    2) "Yikes!" As Alez said, more in my blogging than my writing.
    3) Coke Zero
    4) August Rush
    5) My wife tells me I need to answer "blonde" here.
    6) Funny you should say Bermuda. Best day of my life was spent on a private island during a Caribbean cruise. I'd like to do it again.
    7) Travel in time
    8) I once sued a lawyer "pro se." And won. HAHAHAHAHA....oops...sorry. THAT was going a little too far.

    P.S. I think the "57" was the end of a sentence where you were trying to type "Five foot seven inches" Does that get me extra credit, teach?

  5. 1. red
    2. just
    3. coffee
    4. Road Warrior
    5. yes
    6. Europe - all of it.
    7. I was a security guard for two years. A deputy sheriff for three. All 5'6" of my badass self. :)

  6. Hi all. I've been dying to email you guys all morning. Unfortunately, I only have one bar left on my cell and forgot to charge it. Will be visiting blogs at lunch today...running behind. Love what I'm reading so far.

    @Alex. Awesome is an awesome word. Aliens was one of my favorite movies too. What?! At the same time? Are you the same guy that said I had scared you away from ever writing a sex scene? Imposter...what did you with the real Alex? :)

    @Mike. I've been dying to know how you pronounce your last name. Nothing wrong with "that". :) Guiness is gross...had some beer concoction at baseball bus tour...pig piss. Riesling is very sweet...like it. Blonds are so lucky they can change their hair color without going orange. Never been to Jamaica...I thought Bahamas was cool though. Holy crap, I'm surrounded by cops.

    @Shelly. You like the rainbow. Fantabulous is right up there with supercalifragilisticespyalidocia...oh hell how do you spell it? Bram Stokers Dracula...great movie...guy wasn't all that good looking but the vampire deal still made him sexy. Nice people? Now that is sweet. Given that you just read that cool smutty novel I'm sure you secretly have a preference. :D Israel? Yup, would like to visit Jesus's hangout but not on this date and time. I drink gree tea every day...great antioxidants. Our our passions are to write.

    @Bryce. You get extra credit just by being you. Yikes to you too. I loke coke zero...tastes a lot like the original. I've been drinking diet coke with splenda..taste great...less filling..^-^.. I love cruises too. Travel in time? Love that..why didn't I think of that? The things I could do! Any time you can sock it to lawyer...oops, hope nobody's listening. Ooohhhh, thanks for letting me solve the 57 issue. :)

    @L.G. I was so sure you were going to say blue. Just? That's a different one. Love coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, eveing is up for grabs. I've seen Road Warrior...like. Woo, my kind of blogger buddy...horndog at heart. I've always wanted to go to London. I can certainly picture you as a sheriff. :)

    I'll talk to you guys later. Don't forget, if anyone wants me to email you the frog game, just ask. ...^-^....

  7. 1. green (like my eyes!)

    2. Rather (I had to edit all but one out of my book.)

    3. Pepsi (But I hardly ever get to have it any more)

    4. Could never pick just one

    5. Blonde when I was young, hence my husband, but I prefer darker now, hence my husband.

    6. Italy

    7. I was going to say travel the world without worrying about money, but really all I want to do is be a successful published writer.

    8. I've had seven harrowing experiences that nearly ended in my death.

    That was fun! Thanks for sharing, Laila! And everyone else, too!!

  8. @Nancy. I have a thing for green eyes, hence my husband. I use rather too...read to much historical romance. Coke is it! So did your husband go dark, or is he your second? Am I allowed to ask this in plublic? Italy...ah Rome. Have you watched Spartacus, the series. Hot guys galore. We all want to be published. I would love to know what those experiences were sometime. Thanks for participating. :)

    I love getting to know all of you.

    No one has asked for frog game yet. :D Also have nude I-phone clock...all men. ...^-^... Sorry guys.

  9. Hot pink? Why doesn't that surprise me?

    Hah hah.

    Here goes:

    1. It changes. Right now it's red.
    2. F*ck
    3. Cherry coke although I try not to drink a lot of it.
    4. Man on Fire (the one with Denzel Washington)
    5. Brunette
    6. The coolest place I ever went was the Oregon Coast.
    7. Be a SUCCESSFUL published novelist
    7. Until I turned 29, I was frequently mistaken for a 14 year old girl. When I taught karate classes, parents who didn't know me and had never seen me teach would go to my instructor (the owner) before class started and indignantly ask, "You're going to let a little girl teach your classes?! This isn't what I paid for." And then I'd open my mouth and start teaching and they'd be all apologies after that. I prefer being mistaken for an adult.

  10. FYI... Koch = Coke <--I didn't choose it, just is what it is.

  11. @Lisa. Red, okay. No you do not put that word in your writing...LOL. Oh, that was number four...I thought you were speaking of man preference. :) I like Denzel Washington. Never been to Oregon but would like to. You WILL be a successful published novelist. I know what you mean. I still get carded...always wanted to be 30 just to be older and respected. Thanks for sharing. :)

    @Mike. Huh? That's not what I've been calling you. ;)

  12. Hi Laila, that dog pic is so cute and those dog cartoons are hilarious. I love each one.
    Okay, you probably already know quite a bit about me but here it goes.
    1. Green-chartreuse-lime-margarita-neon-pine-pear
    2. Just
    3. My favorite drink is bottled water but I drink wine, beer, coffee and ice tea too.
    4. Love Actually and Room with a View
    5. Sexy brunette
    6. My backyard
    7. Lose weight
    7.5 No one knows...that I would love anchovies on my pizza.

  13. 1. Favorite color?....purple
    2. One word you say frequently that finds its way into your writing?...Um.
    3. Favorite drink?....hot chocolate
    4. Number 1 favorite movie?....The Princess Bride.
    5. Personal preference...blonde or brunette?....either.
    6. Favorite vacation spot?...somewhere remote and tropical.
    7. If you could do one (only one) thing, what would it be?...go live on a tropical island...or a rainforest.
    8. What is something no one knows about you?...um, I secretly love chocolate. Not, wait, everyone knows that... lol.

  14. @Desert Rock. Thanks for commenting on the pictures. No one has said a word about the ball addiction yet. :) Eve you seem to love every shade of green...good job on being thorough. Just seem to be a common one. I find I also use simply and still. Did not peg you for a lushy beer drinker. I tried seven types of beer at the baseball tour...total earwax...yes, I tasted it when I was a kid...picked my nose too if anyone was wondering. I think I might have seen room with a view. Hurray for brunettes! I think we could all afford to lose a little weight. I remember when a size 16 was fashionable...in theory. Women were already skinny as rails when I was born. I have tasted achovies on pizza...my only complaint is that they're salty and smell ick. Thanks for dropping by and letting us you. :) Bryce told me to say hi.

    @Lynda. Well hey there Lynda...love having you in my usually sane blog. I like purple too...goes great with hot pink. Um, that's a good one. I don't use that one often. Do you write YA? Hot choco...hit me where it hurts...staying away from sugar altogether...found this amazing chocoalte milk (HOOD) totally rock and made with splenda. I have to tell you that I watched the Princess Bride when I was young and that was probably why I didn't get it. It's good to keep your options open in regards to hair color. I'm not quite sure what I'd do with a redhead though...and yet I've written a hot redheaded guy into my MC...a sexy soldier actually...there goes that word again. Remote and tropical. Gilligan's Isle...everyone too young for that? How did they make pies if they were roughing it. What was that one with Tom Hanks where he created fire? Great movie. Wilson rocked. Okay, big fan of dark chocolate covered almond kisses...also truffles...and they love my hips. Great having you! :)

  15. 1. Black. C'mon, it's classy and goes with everything!
    2. Seriously.
    3. H2O :)
    4. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
    5. I usually go for guys with dark hair. Maybe it's an opposites thing for me. I'm a natural blonde, but I dye my hair brown. Hmm...
    6. I haven't been on vacation in ages, but I'm really fond of Hocking Hills. (Do a Google image search sometime. It's beautiful.) ;)
    7. Help someone every day.
    8. I guess most of my writing friends don't know that I dabble in digital painting. (Example: http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee366/soyoureawriter/Art/Nash_WIP.gif ) I haven't had any training, so it's pretty amateurish. Oh well. It's fun. :)

  16. Coming in late again as usual :

    1. Favorite color?.... the molten ignot gold of the setting sun.

    2. One word you say frequently that finds its way into your writing?.....Merde.

    3. Favorite drink?....ice tea with Equal and lemon.

    4. Number 1 favorite movie?....FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING.

    5. Personal preference...blonde or brunette? Texas Blondes always seem to get me into trouble. Ah, come to think of it so do Lakota Brunettes! LOL.

    6. Favorite vacation spot?...It would have to be New Zealand where XENA and THE LORD OF THE RINGS was filmed.

    7. If you could do one (only one) thing, what would it be?... be a self-supporting writer of fantasy....yeah.

    7. What is something no one knows about you? ... The Federal Witness Program won't let me say. LOL.

  17. 1. Purple
    2. Holy
    3. diet coke
    4. Polar Express
    5. Brunette
    6. Jamaica, so far.
    7. sell a million copies of my book.
    8. Terrified of heights.

    This was fun.

  18. OK, I'll play!

    1. Red.
    2. Oh, that's a tough one. A word that I use & which creeps into my writing not frequently but often enough given how unusual it is: bespoke.
    3. Red wine.
    4. Gladiator. LOTR. Avatar. What do you mean I have to pick one?
    5. Not saying. My wife might read this :)
    6. Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island.
    7. Invent a gadget that strikes all telemarketers dumb at the flick of a switch.
    7 (again). At school, I once mentioned that I would like to write a sci-fi novel. I got ridiculed so much that I buried the memory until now.

  19. Well, my husband used to be blonde but darkened in his 30's. I didn't mind. It was kinda like getting a hot new guy! He's still really hot, btw.

    And you REALLY don't want to get me started on Spartacus. I could recite all 13 season 1 episodes by heart. And Andy Whitfield is the single hottest guy I've ever seen in my entire life.

    I was in the Sun Valley mall on December 23, 1985 when a plane crashed into it & on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge when a portion of it collapsed during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. I got stuck in the Oakland hills during the big October 1991 fire that destroyed 3500 homes. I've had 2 "run-ins" with really bad men & I've been in 2 car crashes where people were killed. But I'm still here. I think God has a plan for me.

  20. Thrilled to see you guys have been playing the game without me. After 7:00 I shut down to entertain Netflix addiction...and Bryce killed my phone so had to recharge all night. :)

    @Carrie. Hey Care Bear girl. So glad you dropped by so we could know more about you. Black is totally classy...I'm wearing black right now. OMG, I use seriously all the time when I talk...come on, seriously. Water it the universal drink. Is that an actual sing-a-long blog? Cause I love to sing. You're a blonde...now way...I never would have figured. Your picture looks so natural. Hocking hills...will do. That is a wonderful code of ethics...wish the world were more like you. I will check out your digital paintings at work. Up at the crack of dawn to reply to blog comments. Thank you so much for sharing and being my blogger buddy. :)

    @Roland. Late starter. ;) Love having you here busiest man in the world. Molten gold...very nice you poet you. Merde...you do realize I know what that means. Everyone, Roland's been saying shit in French:) Iced tea is cool...will have to pass on the lemon. Ah, a Lord of the Rings aficionado. Get out of here...you like Xena?...Me too! Nice save on the personal preference...not a woman in the world will scorn you. We all share that dream. LOL, even I won't fall for that last one.

    For anyone that doesn't know Roland. He's a terrific guy, full of knowledge, prose savvy, one heck of a writer, a romantic hero. Like a few of you, I don't know what he looks like ...^-^...so I call him Hot Native American Guy behind his back.

    Seriously, you guys should know by know I say the first thing that pops into my head.

    Just and FYI, I have given everyone a nickname, except for Alex. I would never defile my favorite guy name. Will not post them today.

    @Joylene. Great to have you here gracing us with your splendor! Another purple lover..yay. Holy toledo, excellent word. Brunettes...the woman knows what she likes. Diet coke is the best. I loved Polar Express...but it for hubby for Christmas one year...he watched it over and over. That's two for Jamaica. You will publish so much more. I'm scared of height too...but I have every intention of going tandem skydiving. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

    @Botanist. My second red. Bespoke is an awesome old English word. I love it! Alright! Next time I have a glass of Merlot I'll think of you. You like all the movies I like! Avatar was still the best. Well, what color is her hair? You can't go wrong with that. :) The things we do for spouses...hence my Netflix addiction. Oh, I love Canada. I got married in Victoria and it is just so beautiful there. Must go back on my ten year anniversary. Botanist, if anyone can invent such a gadget it will be you. :) School sucked for me for that very reason...kids can be so mean. I'm so glad you didn't give up on your dream. Thank you so much for stopping by and telling us about yourself. Love having you as blogger buddy. :)

    Anyone who still wishes to play, I will respond to all comments.

    @Nancy. I will read your comment on my phone and email you. I have to get ready for work now. ...^-^...

    Have a great day everyone!

  21. Thanks! Crack of dawn blog comments, hm? That's dedication! Oh, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was a Joss Whedon project, made during the writers' strike. It was a film split into three parts and streamed online (free) for several months. Now it's available on DVD. Great stuff!

  22. Yup, well it's the only time I can squeeze it in other than during work...Netflix addiction. I'll have to check out the DVD. Sounds cool! Thanks for stopping by and playing. :)


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