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Good morning all.  I'm a little late in posting today.  It's called sleeping in.  A weekend of non-stop activity tends to have that effect on me...specially when I take a Monday off.  Hurray!!

This week I thought it would be a little fun to share with all of you my favorite reads.  I couldn't possibly go on vacation and not take a book along.  That's just plain wrong.

When I first started writing, I purchased several books in different genres just to see where I fit the best.  Saturday, I grabbed one off  the shelf so I could sit and read it on the bus amid 35 or so people.  I'd never read this book before, but I cringe if I find something on my shelf that's unread.

Seductions: Tales of Erotic Persuasion, Lonnie Barbach, Paperback

Seductions: Tales of Erotic Persuasion.

See, at one time I thought the sex scenes in my books were so hot they belonged on the erotica shelf.  I have nothing against erotica, but it's not what I'd like to write.  I've smoothed things out a lot since then, and althought I've only  made it through half the book, I have to say it's rather tasteful.  Like all erotica it is definitely meant for one purpose, to get people hot and bothered.  That's okay, and I can most certainly find humor of reading it in a bus full of strangers.  In honor of naughty erotica, I couldn't resist sharing a story.

Funny Story Ahead:

That's right.  It's a hand.

This is actually a cute story, but I laughed for a good ten minutes.  Be it far from me to ignore a good opportunity for laughter.

To make time pass on a bus trip we play games.  Each person eventually wins a prize.  I'm friends with the guy who sets up the trips, and he couldn't resist running to the front of the bus and sharing this story with me and my hubby.

See, we played a game of fill in the blanks with baseball trivia, which I failed miserably.  He carried a large box filled with prizes around the bus.  Everyone picked something out.  When he made it to the back of the bus to an elderly couple, the sweet old lady dug into the box and pulled out the above plastic hand.  It was a keychain. 

After thoroughly inspecting it, she puts it back in the box and says, "No, I don't want it."

"Are you sure?" my friend asked.

Her husband nodded curtly and said, "I already have one of those handjob things at home."

....^-^.....  Sometimes you just gotta love people.

See ya all tomorrow.


  1. I'm pretty sure I used to have one of those little hand key chain things back in the day. If memory serves, my friends formed it into 'the bird' so many times the middle finger broke, and could no longer even bend down with the rest. Totally forgot about that till now. :)

  2. This is me chuckling! Good way to start a Monday.

  3. @Kimberly.

    I wish I would have taken it home with me,just for laughs.


    Excellent way to start a Monday. I can't wait to tell everybody at work tomorrow.

  4. LMAO!!!!!!
    Oh, wait. I'm supposed to be proper.
    *clears throat*


    Funny stuff, Laila!!

  5. That is funny. Did it vibrate too?

  6. Hmm, I seem to be following Bryce around the blogosphere today. This is the third post he's beaten me to.

    Too funny. I don't know if I'd have the guts to read erotica on the bus. =-O

  7. @Bryce. Feel free to laugh your ass off at any time. I won't hold it against you.

    @Desert Rocks. No vibrating. It was just a plastic hand. I don't think the older gent thought twice before speaking.

    @L.G. Luckily no one asked me what I was reading...cause then I would have had to tell them.

  8. Hah! You're right. Sometimes you just gotta love people.

  9. @Carrie. No wonder they tell us to use real life sutuations in our writing.

  10. Hello there! Just popping in to thank you for commenting on my post. I am in a dry spell right now and not posting as often as I once was.

    Also, I loved the story. I try to find things to laugh at regularly. Laughter is therapy to me. Provide me with things to laugh at and I'll be back time and time again............kt

  11. Thank you all for your comments. I enjoy entertaining you when I can. Welcome to my new followers.


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