Rambling on the Paranormal.

I climbed up 30 flights of stairs today. I do that sometimes when I need to shake things up and add a little cardio to my workouts. I've been doing it for a while. People say exercise gets easier. And I laugh whenever I hear that phrase. Each time I do the stairs it still feels like hell. As a matter of fact, it makes me think of death.

I am a fantasy writer. As far as genres go, that's my first love. The words flow easily. However, I started out writing paranormal romance, and still do. Although it takes me a bit longer to complete a story in this genre, I'm ever fascinated by it. It's no secret that I derive from a long line of people who wholly accept the existence of the supernatural. It's in my upbringing.

I like to play and be goofy, but there is also a more serious side to my personality. Heck, I wouldn't be at my current job otherwise. This blog is meant to be basically about those things that move me. Plenty of that is the art of writing because it's in that form that my soul speaks the loudest. And it's about this multidimensional entity that I intend to focus on today.
Near Death Experiences:
There's been a lot of talk about near death experiences since the book Heaven is for Real came out, but I've been reading books on the subject for years. Embraced by the Light, Life After Life, and Dying with God, to name a few.

Why the fascination?

Aside from my clairvoyance as a child and my recent ghost video, my father suffered a heart attack a few years back. He died, came back, and told me everything.

Now, I don't toot a horn for any religion. They all have their pros and cons. To me religion serves a purpose: a tool by which to experience God. I won't deny his existence. His presence for me is too raw, and I boast about our great relationship. Still, the things my father told me left me with a tinge of envy.

First he left his body through his head and climbed up to the ceiling. From there he was able to see his doctors. He traveled to other rooms in the hospital by just thinking about the people he wanted to be with. He saw my brothers arguing. This was verified. Then he walked through a tunnel and watched his life be replayed before his eyes on a movie screen. He saw animals, tons of them, and small children. There was a kaleidoscope of rich colors.

An angel-like creature held his hand while he walked to the end of his journey.

(Now, isn't all that great? Animals go to heaven and angels are real.)

I'm not ready to go yet. In truth, I love being physically present. Still, wouldn't it be wonderful just to experience it without any permanent consequences? Just one more peculiarity to add to my list.

Have a great Tuesday!
An unusual experience taking place on the brink of death and recounted by a person after recovery, typically an out-of-body experience or a vision of a tunnel of light.  (I always wanted to have one. The thing is that you have to die.)


  1. It's interesting you bring this up. One of the characters in my WIP is a strong believer in OBEs. I did my own share of research on the subject. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Bryce, that sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading. Anything about out of body experiences is exciting. My stories touch on a similar subject...well at least part of the time.

  3. That is really incredible and fascinating! I would love to experience it too with no permanent consequences!


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