My Thoughts For Today.

I work in an environment that allows me contact with a vast amount of individuals. Now, I love people, but during the years I've noticed that there are a few things that seem to bug me, so I thought it would be kind of fun if I pointed these out to see if anyone else suffered from a similar dilemma.
Laila's Pet Peeves:
1. People who walk by me and pretend I'm not here. This usually falls under the category of young lawyers. Seriously? (A wise lady..aka my mother...once used a phrase that now comes to mind clearly. She said, "sometimes people will fart higher than their asses.") It's one of the funniest statements I have ever heard used to describe snobs. This is common curtesy. If you've walked by me, and it is the first time you have seen me today, there is a good chance we're not sleeping together. (My husband would tell me otherwise.) You should really say hi. A simple waive will do.
2. Nose Pickers. This should be self-explanatory. I once had a conversation with a gentleman who could not resist the urge to insert his dominant digit into his nasal cavity. He did this for half an hour. I finally couldn't take it any longer and said, "Must you pick your nose in front of me?" Do you know what he said? It was priceless. He pulls his finger out and says, "I have something in there." Well, no shit. I'm sure it's not your brain. (I did not say this, only thought it.) If you're standing there talking to me, please resist temptation. I know to some it's irresistible but really, visit the inside of your nose in private. If you absolutely must poke your fingers in there, use a tissue, if not, abort.
3. Clicks. These are usually funded by highschool nitwits and backstabbers that never grew up. These individuals hang around in groups and scoff at the way you look, act, express yourself. There is a root need that urges them to act the way they do, something deeply embedded inside themselves that they dislike so much they feel the compulsion to take it out on you. When presented with such a person, I first attempt to apply my rule of giving someone a second chance. First impressions are not always the best. If they fail second chance, the best course of action is to wipe your feet and move on. These people will hurt you and infringe upon your character.

4. Holier than thou people. We've all met them. They live by a nifty religious code. As soon as you say or do something that jolts them out of their safe zone, they point fingers, label you, judge you, and dare to call it righteous. I have one thing to say about this. "Get over it." We are all different, wonderful, unique, and times have been changing for a while.
5. Finally, the prudes. Woe to you if you mention sex. They will squirm. Their lips will twist into something simbolizing the aftermath of a shot of tequilla with too much lime. They will then proceed to label you a pervert. And each time you open your mouth they will remind you that they've labeled you a pervert and share that information with others. Here's a bit of trivia. Our parents did not make us by whispering into each other's ears.
Why am I posting pet peeves? Well, maybe I just felt like doing a bit of rambling, or I thought I could brighten someone's day. In a nutshell: There's no reason to be rude to anyone. There's plenty of room for sympathy, kindness, and appreciation of each other. So if you fit into any of the above descriptions, be kind, rewind, and show us the best in you.


  1. FYI to blogger buddies. I'm going to a College World Series Game today, will not be around to chat. Have a great day!!

  2. I used to walk by people at work and not say anything, but it wasn't because of snobbery. I was just too shy to say hello. I've grown out of that finally, but it was kind of debilitating when I was young. Doubt that's the case with lawyer types, though. :P

  3. "Our parents did not make us by whispering into each other's ears."

    I don't know, Laila. I've heard this can sometimes lead to little parent-clones running around.

  4. Laila, you have inspired me! I think I'll blog about pet peeves. or maybe my peeved pet. He had a lot of things that bugged him!

  5. I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to an upscale town just outside Seattle. It's heavily populated with Microsoft executives & their families. I've never experienced such snobbery in all my life. I love this place but not my neighbors because they rarely wave or say hello when you pass by. I miss all the social interaction of a friendly neighborhood & can't wait to get back where people made me feel like I'm home.

    Don't give up what makes you you. Just find other people to share yourself with!

  6. Great post, and I do have some pet peeves but I am trying to stay positive this week. Thanks for the smiles.

  7. @Bryce, I really hope not. If that's true then I'm in trouble. Time to stop whispering now.

    @L.G. I suffered from the same shyness when I was younger. I'm sure you could never be a snob.

    @Norma, I would love to read about what peeves off your little birdie. That would be hilarious.

    @Nancy, I know what you mean. People are generally friendly in Nebraska. It's just some floor of the building I work with that are loaded with snobs. Not to worry, I was pretty much a loner as a kid, which made me an outcast...also means I'm not a follower.

    @Desert Rocks, pet peeves are okay. The moment you admit to yourself what they are, the faster you can advance in the healing process...me being the philosopher. :)

  8. Laila, this is an awesome post. Very funny! I can definitely relate.
    I'm short and somehow it seems to make me invisible. I've actually had people step on me and say, oh sorry I didn't see you.
    I'm right there with you. I don't think it's difficult to be courteous and kind hearted, but some people seem to avoid it like the plague. Why is it called Common Courtesy? It's never common.
    Have a great trip! Peace be with you.

  9. @Heather. That sucks that you've gotten stepped on. Some people do lack basic curtesy, but I'm thinking it has more to do with being scared of elevators.


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