Paranormal Romance

I know I said I'd write more horror today, but I'm feeling fickle and felt like blogging about writing.

A while back I mentioned that I can't write a good paranormal romace without having it shift into fantasy. I'm happy to say that is no longer the case. I'm presently working on three paranormals, no, not really simultaneously. See, it starts out something like this.

I conjure a character, usually the heroine. I decide what she'll look like, how she'll act, and if she will possess some unusual ability. Then I choose the hero. Naturaly, he will be someone I would most certainly go gaga for. Next, I contruct their meeting. Then I pour everything in my head into the pages until I'm exhausted.

That done and over with, I set the project aside and go do something else, but wait, I get another idea.

"My God," I say to myself, " that would make a great book." So I go back into the office/dogroom and start a new story. I've grown quite fond of beginnings.

The third attempt is usually the instant that I organize and come up with some type of order for the possible giberish I've set down on paper. That's when I insert a plot and introduce the villain and the conflict. I'll edit, remove a few sections, add a couple more. Chances are that if they don't work for one book, they might do perfectly well for another.

I place the unused paragraphs in a separate draft for later use.

Finally, I wait to hear the inspiration of the muse, that feeling that draws me to one of the stories I'm writing and pushes me to dive into it and proceed to the end.

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