Celebrate Being You

Are you different, weird, out there? Join the club of the pleasantly eccentric. I'm the chairman, or chairwoman.

All you have to do to belong is do something unusual, something that defines you as a person.

Eat ice cream with your hands because finger-food tastes better.

Wear sunglasses at your desk because it improves the crappy lighting. I'm guilty of that one. It also helps you
pretend you're on vacation.

If the dog is running the fence line and you can't stop him, go on the other side and see which
one of you can get to the end first. Yup, me, guilty as charged. It doesn't matter what the neighbors think.

It's funny as hell.

Feel free to tell me about it because I do love peculiarities, or just keep it to yourself and celebrate being you.

Below I've attached two short videos of the latest Fun Committee event, just for kicks, just for laughs. We decided to do something different for "Cinco de Mayo," so we brought in Mexican food and made everyone play "A Minute to Win It."

This particular game is called "Junk in the Trunk." I took the liberty of recording these two gentlemen with my phone, with their consent of course. I chose them because of race and sexual orientation. These are just qualities that make them stand out in society.

I'm not biased or judgmental. There are various ways to express love, and everyone has a right and a duty to do so.

These are beautiful people who have found a place in my books. To each his own.

Eat red meat, smoke, drink...or do the exact opposite.

I was a vegetarian for two years, but had to quit when I started feeling sick. I drink red wine about
four times a year, usually to celebrate something. I abhor cigarette smoke, might have something to do with my asthma.

We are all different. What works for one might not work for another. Don't let society dictate who you are. Shout it for all the world to hear.

Okay, done rambling now. Please enjoy the videos.  Hopefully they uploaded okay.  I'll have to check them later.  They only last for a few seconds.  Have a great day! And above all, have fun.

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