The Open Window

I believe that the majority of situations and things we encounter in life are tools to be used in improving ourselves.  This goes for religion as well. 

I was raised Catholic.  After the whole two paragraphs containing mild sexuality issue I was even placed in Catholic school. Oh, I loved it.  Every opportunity to grow closer to God was...well a godsend.  Since then, I've expanded my views.  To judge one religion or forgo understanding the other seems like a waste.  If you don't keep an open mind you might be missing half the story.

This poem seems at first like a secret affair of two young lovers, but it’s actually religious. Toward the end it sounds rather suicidal to me. The problem is that I never once thought of taking my life when I was a depressed teen, but I did want relief from my loneliness.

A smile or two set me aflame last night
I didn’t know I would see you there.
You were quiet, gentle, with a tender stare.

You reach out to me to run to your side.
I was afraid at first, a bit hesitant, but that
smooth twitch of your lips brought me peace.

I didn’t know what to say, but I saw you
Standing there expectant, and I ran to you.
I squeezed myself tight to the warmth of
your body.

Then I saw it, your wondrous smile,
and I cried.

What were you doing there? It was only
an open window, and the moon became
your face. I was standing there pleasantly
in your arms.

You said, “Don’t worry.”
I said, “Lord, I know I’m safe with you.”
Then I spread out my arms, and I flew.

Now my soul is still flying, and it finds
it’s resting place near that open window
where you held me in your arms, and
where I felt your love a second time.


  1. Is that poem yours, Laila? Love the last line.

    Oh, and Happy National Poetry Month, btw.

  2. Happy Poetry month to you too, Bryce. Yeah, I was big into poetry in my teens...^-^...


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