Ghosts and Stuff

When we hear the word ghost, we immediately scoff.  Traditional upbringing has taught us to ignore the supernatural.  Realists and skeptics alike turn their noses up.  Yet, every religion recognizes the existence of a soul.  A soul is a spirit, which is just another word for ghost.  Many try to divide the two by saying that ghosts are Earthbound spirits.  I disagree, and furthermore confess to being somewhat of an expert on the subject. 

I grew up in a household where it was acceptable to believe in all things supernatural.  Around the age of 3 my mother told me of the existence of God, so I started talking to him, and everything else around me.  I'm not like the kid from the "Sixth Sense."  I'm no medium or ghost whisperer.  We all possess clairvoyant abilities.  Like all talents, they have to be developed and nurtured.

Peripheral vision is a wonderful thing.  Many can attest to seeing shadows out of the corner of their eye.  Once they turn to face the entity directly, it's no longer there.  That's because spirits move faster than we do, and they don't really want to be seen.

I remember being around 10.  I had just returned home from shopping with my parents.  It was about 9pm and pitch black out.  While helping to put away groceries, I distinctly saw the form of a man run down the street and crouch behind a bush.  In a pitch black night, the being was blacker than black.  I pointed him out to my mother.  She nearly wet her pants.  That is the quickest we ever unloaded groceries.

I usually slept with the light on.  It's a little more scary to hear them than it is to see them.  The light helps.  Besides, as soon as the lights went off, someone would make pounding noises on the kitchen table.

As a child I was afraid of such things.  It's human nature to fear what we can't understand.  As I got older and studied more on the subject, I learned respect for non-corporeal beings.  I don't catch a glimpse of them that often, but when I do, I consider it a gift, a privilege.

My husband and I have a camper at a campsite by a lake.  Last Summer we bought a fire pit.  It was small, cute, and fresh out of the box.  We lit it up and stoked that fire.  Now, I love photography and video.  Put me on the back side of a camcorder and I do silly things.  Well, I decided it would be fun to pull out my cell phone and record our first campfire. 

Below I have included a copy of that video for the pleasure of all who love the paranormal.  This is my actual video from my cell phone.  I have shown this to everyone at my place of employment.  I've had skeptics sweating for an explanation,highly religious people rubbing at their goosebumps.  My husband wanted to go home and not sleep in the camper that night.

"Don't worry honey," I said.  "I'll protect you."
 My step-son refuses to believe it, then he looks at again, and again.

Watch the video carefully.  It's only about a minute.   Toward the last 10 seconds, keep your eyes on the top right hand corner.  You will see a spirit run from the corner and down into the fire.  I call him the fireghost.  I'll tell you the same thing I told my husband. 

"Don't be scared.  The spirit just thought our fire was pretty too.  He wanted to warm his hands."


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horation, than are dreamt of in your philosopy.



  1. I like your blog and enjoyed the little fire creature. I stay in the light and the sun and avoid anything dark or supernatural for many reasons-some of which you touched on in your post.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's always safest in the light.


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