Dance with an Angel

Long before I stumbled across Neale Donald Walsch’s book, I became addicted to angels. Not only do I have several books on the subject, I also collect figurines and pictures. When the world continued to shun me, angels became my refuge, especially the one I call my guardian, who shall remain nameless. He has made his way into all of my books, and I wrote this poem for him.

This is a brief dance with an angel as experienced through the eyes of a young girl. To me, it always depicted innocence, yet there was a secret longing. She wanted to be more than flesh. She longed to embrace his reality.


Tonight let me dance with an angel.
The floor will be lit just for us.
Spectators will be gathered around us.
We’ll even hear their applause.
Across the room we will turn and glide,
lost in each other’s embrace.
What could they be celebrating,
the onlookers will say.
He will smile and conquer my heart
with his charm.
Speechless, I’ll reach out and take
his arm.
I see and idea allowed birth in his eyes.
He raises my body to teach me to fly.
Hey, I don’t have wings so don’t even
Look again was his quick and ardent
There were butterfly wings sloping
over my sides.
Then he lifted me up to the skies.
We’ll fly to the peak of the mountains
and soar upon valleys so wide.
We will play with the air’s sweet caresses
and even try racing the tide.
We will do loop da loops on the rainbow
and sunbathe on a cirrus cloud.
We will travel the air rubbing elbows
and laugh with the love we’re allowed.
Then he brings me back, sets my feet
on the ground.
I like it up there. I don’t want to go
Don’t leave me sweet angel, you’ll
tear me apart.
I’ll always be with your, just look in
your heart.
I still see my angel and feel his embrace.
He filled up my heart with his infinite
He vanished before me, fingers still on
my face.
His kiss was so sweet. I’ll remember the
Before my eyes he appears no more,
yet I know for eternity we will soar.

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